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  1. I'm not a big fan of people lying on their appeals. We can see the identifiers of those who attempt to connect to the servers, you tried to connect with the same license but a different Steam account. Your ban will not be removed. Declined
  2. Hi @emirhan işlek, I'll take your appeal. You've clearly put no effort into the appeal itself, I suggest you take this time to read the rules if you wish to return to our community. Declined
  3. I may have bought your excuse if you only spawned a specific addon vehicle and you showed some sort of regret in chat admitting to it, instead of insulting the ones who called you out. Declined
  4. Coolstream


    Accepted - Go to an airfield and take off there if you want to fly somewhere, you won't get a second chance at this.
  5. Hi @Secret_Cryz, I'll handle your appeal. I see out of the two licenses that has connected with your Steam account, one of them was never active at the same time as the other so it's not something I consider too damning. Being that you've been banned for 2+ months now, I'm willing to give you another chance on one of your licenses, this being the one you attempted to connect to server 1 with today 12:50 PM. If you want access with multiple accounts / licenses / machines, contact a UAT member in a separate message. Accepted
  6. Ensure you read the rules before your next session. Breaking this rule further will result in a non-appealable ban. Accepted
  7. The only way I'll unban you and your friend is if either you or he purchases another copy of GTA V. Using multiple accounts on the same license breaks staff tools and is part of the reason why it's mentioned in the rules under §4.3. Â
  8. Hi @alimran7050Â and @noumanimran23. I'll handle your appeal. First off, your ban(s) are not from any in-game activity, but because our system shows the same license identifier for both of you, you could have seen this by reconnecting to the server as the ban message said. While I haven't fully explored how you can achieve this I'd first like to know how you are playing FiveM, specifically if you're using Steam family sharing or similar to play off the same copy of GTA V.
  9. Coolstream


    Declined - Ban has expired.
  10. Coolstream


    Hi Mantas, While I don't think the ban was unjustified, I usually try to see the best in people. I've therefore reduced your ban to a week, be a shining example of how to act on the server from now on. Your ban expires on 07/25/2020 02:23 PM Accepted
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