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  1. Declined - Spawns incomplete. Polylimit ~200K, at ~1.3m
  2. Coolstream

    Dodge durango

    Declined - While I agree the one currently on the server isn't too good, it's a few steps above that one. The one you linked has a very weird sitting position, the character is to the left of the steering wheel. It also has worse lights, no indicators, no working gauges and broken mirrors.
  3. Declined - Creator didn't accept friend request at the time. I'm assuming they have a public Discord / Website or similar where they showcase mods, provide an invite to that server in your next request or have him add me, Coolstream#0655.
  4. Declined - Does not spawn after being converted to addon.
  5. Declined - Outside of having better mirrors, lower quality than the one currently on the server
  6. Declined - Green headlights, wheels float a few inches off the ground, blue taillights(?) and does not feel like spawning when I convert it to be an addon vehicle.
  7. Declined - Would cause FPS issues in an area where performance already sucks.
  8. Declined - Excessive amount of props, the readme itself claims it's above 2045.
  9. Declined - Has previously been attempted, the current Gamesense plates work by replacing the original plates' textures through a script.
  10. Declined - Heavy map additions almost always cause excessive FPS drops in the same area.
  11. Declined - Heavy map additions almost always cause excessive FPS drops in the same area.
  12. Declined - Requires a Patreon pledge to CFX that this community currently does not have.
  13. Declined - Polylimit ~200K, at 267K
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