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Open Applications

  • Staff Application

    Want to become a moderator on our server? Fill out this application, and we will come back to you!

  • Returning Staff Member Application

    This form is only for people who have previously been a staff member of GAMESENSE, and wanting to return back.

  • Staff Report

    Has a staff member (moderators, administrators, etc...) abused his power, or done something wrong? Here you can report them.
    Please understand that we take staff reports very seriously, reporting over nothing or abusing this function may get you in trouble.

    Only Senior Administrators and the Upper Administration Team are able to view staff reports.
    This means that your report will be hidden against the staff member you are reporting.

  • Ban Appeal

    Have you been banned? Use this form to appeal it.
    Remember to provide as much evidence and detail as possible, you are much more likely to get unbanned (depends on what you did) if you provide evidence and a lot of detail.
    Some bans may even be wrong, so if someone wrongly banned you - this is also the place to appeal it.

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