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  1. Hello Halogen.exe, I Apologize for banning you, as it was a misunderstanding, as you had a weapon and i had no knowledge that it was giving to you by another modder. A third party member will take your Appeal.
  2. In-Game name: TRAVIS SCOTT Discord User: TRAVIS SCOTT#5631 Full name of the vehicle/mod 2002 BMW z3M Why do you want this mod? 1 its a bmw 2 its a classic 3 im in love with this car and 4 we dont have a bmw coupe and 5 we dont have a z3 on the server URL Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2002-bmw-z3m Does anyone else want this mod? Deathless_Pepsi Which platform are you requesti
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