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  1. Paro

    matti ratti

    No response from @matti ratti within reasonably long time period. DECLINED
  2. Paro

    matti ratti

    Â @SKIDADDLEÂ This appeal is for matti ratti, please don't post in here unless you have something to do with itÂ
  3. Paro

    matti ratti

    Can you do me a favor and try that sentence one more time, this time make it make sense. From what I see, you're claiming he told you to slow down and ram everyone, which i hope isn't what happened. I'll be handling this appeal, but I need more information than what's been currently given. From what it seems, you've admitted to ramming everyone, which is also what was claimed in the ban, according to our internal notes. I'll give you one good long response to explain your side of the story, make it worth my time 🙂 @SKIDADDLE
  4. You legit jumped onto my car, broke it, and then went on to start punching and trying to kill me, forcing me to noclip away to not get killed. I told you to stop, and even warned you in chat not to do that, but yet you continued. I'm in a great mood, so you're unbanned now. Next time, let's not just stop and hit people. Verdict: Approved
  5. Accepted Your ban will expire on the October 19th, 2020, (19/10/2020) giving you a reduced sentence from permanent to a 4 month ban, due to your prior history. You have a long playtime on the server, and you've even had a prior incident with ramming. You first joined 13/04/2020. If you haven't read the rules yet I suggest you do, and be aware if you do ever post an appeal again, it would be wise not to lie, not that you will get the possibility to appeal if you ever spawn 55+ cars within a short time ever again.
  6. Paro


    No effort put in appeal, you can apply for an appeal in 2 months, please put in some effort this time. DENIED Reapply in 2 months
  7. Paro

    Player Report

    Player has been informed, warning has been placed on user profile Verdict: Accepted
  8. Paro

    Player Report

    Closed, not enough evidence / information, failed to respond within reasonable time frame. DENIED
  9. Paro


    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, mainly because I had a nap today, and I had a shit ton of coffee. I will unban you, right this moment. As in, you can now access the server. HOWEVER A note has been added to your profile. It specifically states that if you break ANY RULE, and it comes to the attention of ANY, staff member, within the next 2 MONTHS, you will be banned for 12 months, no mercy, no option to appeal. So I expect you to be on your best behavior, this is your last chance, and if you fuck it up, you're taking a long ass break. Appeal Accepted Player has been unbanned effective immediately.Â
  10. Paro

    Player Report

    I see one screenshot of 2 cars parked next to eachother, and a third car trying to join in. From your evidence it looks more like ElJunior was ramming, even though you're reporting Jason. Got any other evidence? Â
  11. Paro


    Hi @Virtual I'll be handling your request today. Before we move any further, I'm quite interested in the evidence that you've learnt from your past mistakes, and changes. If you do me a favor and post it below, I'll review your behaviour, along with the entire appeal collectively.
  12. Paro


    Hiya Virtual, I'm Siri, the admin who banned you. Today I will not be handling your request, @iLwS will. Before that though, I will post my evidence of the chat logs, and for your sake, I will leave out your adminstrative history. As you have name dropped 2 staff members that can vouch for you, let's tag them, and hear what they say. @2jake and @Beaner please throw in whatever you may wish to say in regards to this case in a reply. Now for my evidence: I won't comment any further, as this may influence the opinion of the above stated parties. Good luck in your appeal. -Siri
  13. Paro


    G'day Kane, My name is Siri, I'll be handling your appeal today. The reason for the extreme length of the ban is due to your prior history. It seems that the 2 kicks, 2 bans and 1 warning you have received earlier, some regarding swearing, insulting other players, arguing with staff members, and continuing to speak in another language, didn't really help your behaviour at all. You continue to disregard the rules, and therefor your punishment has been set to 60 days. I don't really see much effort in your appeal either, the entire thing coming in just under 100 words in the written portion. If you had put just a little more effort into this, I might have considered actually lowering it, as you would've shown that you actually learnt from the experience, but sadly I am left with a feeling of disappointment. Take the next 60 days to brush up on the rules of our community, all of which can be found here: https://gamesense.eu/index.php?/forum/6-rules/ Thank you for the appeal, -Siri                        VERDICT: DENIED Re-appeal not possible. Sentence stands.
  14. -Ban lifted 6 AM this morning. Be more careful next time
  15. Paro

    2 guys killed me

    ACCEPTED Evidence shows clear misbehaving, logs backup your side of the story. Their History is spotty to say the least. Banned for 2 months (Banned until 20/04/2020) Appeal possible for both players (Bortus and Perkellee Jonne)
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