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    You should've read the rules of the server before you started playing. Appeal denied.
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    I am here to motivate you guys and inspire you to follow through with your ban appeal, as you can see I have posted a video of another player that was banned in possibly a similar way as you did but in another game. This man however with dedication, passion and commitment managed to lift his permanent ban and is now enjoying the game again. Now I would like to encourage you to appeal for your ban. Anything is possible if you put your mind and effort into it, I recommend you to use this video as inspiration. Please if you have broken our rules you must take it as a lesson and make yourself a better freeroamer moving forward, a ban could be a stepping stone for you to become your greatest version on our server. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of the success. Good luck. Sincerely yours, Baten.
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    In-game name: Cargador2 Date of ban: 22/10/2019 Admin who banned you: melkx Reason for your ban: "using hacks and spawning ramps all over the map as you are driving around" Platform (Freeroam/RP): Freeroam Why should you be unbanned: I just got banned for "using hacks and spawning ramps all over the map as you are driving around". I was driving to the gas station and suddenly died because a plane crashed on me. When i respawn i saw a big wall black and white in front of me, i drove aroung and another ramp spawned. Then a third one. I was stucked there so i had to take a helicopter. When i went up, someone shoot me with an rpg and more ramps keep spawning. I went out of this area and ramps stop spawning. I wasn´t the hacker. I just want to drive in this server because there are npc´s.
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