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  2. Piloten


    @Kangal There is no way around being detected by our anticheat software, or manually caught by staff members. You've been cheating on our server, and you will stay permanently banned without the possibility of appealing. If you try to make another appeal, you will also get forum-banned.
  3. Kangal


    In-Game Name: Kangal Date of ban: 2/24/2021 Ban expiration date: Permanent Admin who banned you: PimiZi Platform: FiveM Discord name: Kangal#0001 Why were you banned: I usually use a trainer / mod, for when playing on FreeRoam servers. I came across GameSense, well then I do use my Menu to delete the vehicles I spawn and teleport to locations if I need to go there fast...
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  5. Hi @emirhan işlek, I'll take your appeal. You've clearly put no effort into the appeal itself, I suggest you take this time to read the rules if you wish to return to our community. Declined
  6. In-Game Name: Cyber Date of ban: 13-02.2021 Ban expiration date: 20.02.2021 Admin who banned you: 2jake Platform: FiveM Discord name: Emirhan İşlek#9346 Why were you banned: §2.2 §2.3 Destroying a car meet! Ramming players and the staff team! Have a nice weekend bud ;) Why should you be unbanned: please removing bann
  7. AcceptedDeclined - Not a public directory, I won't join any Discord
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