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  1. I decided to apply a 60 day ban from your recent offenses, I also knew from in the past before we logged our acitvity that you were a common offender. Upon further invesigation Coolstream decided to make the ban permanent, it's pretty self explanatory what you did and you should be well aware of it. You are insulting players not only by ramming them, but also using ethnic slurs towards individual people on our server. We can go on for forever but you have zero support from me in this appeal, the fact that you have no awareness about what you've done makes it worrying. Calling players "turkish fuck" or "dumb ass nigga" is not something we encourage and want to around in our community. The offenses you have in recent times is just overwhelmingly too many for me to give you the benefit of the doubt. You are draining our staff and players energy with your presence, not only that but you bring a toxic mindset to our community that we do not want.
  2. That comment you are referring in "why you should be unbanned" is a comment from me. I used that comment just so you wouldn't think I would continue to spectate you. So far you haven't provided any good reasons for why you should be unbanned in the first place, before we can further decide what the outcome will be. We will have to wait for iLwS comments, since he was the main staff member that reported your misbehavior. I applied the ban based on iLwS experience and evidence, without input from him we can't progress with this appeal. You have to stay patient and find a more valid reason for why you should be unbanned before we can progress.
  3. Melkerx

    Ban Appeal

    Negotiable You will have your ban reduced to 5 hours, you may log in and play again with the server restart at roughly 5AM tonight. Please remember to take this ban as a lesson learned moving forward, next time we will not be so forgiving with you.
  4. Melkerx

    ban for no reason

    Appeal Denied. You and your friend were constantly ramming random players including myself with the runway clearer. After multiple warnings I decided to ban your friend for the duration of 4 days, you however decided it was a good idea to continue and get banned along with your friend. I could see this coming therefore you will punished harder than your friend, this is to avoid both of you joining together on the same date and continue to harass players again. It was pretty clear to me that you wanted to get banned with your friend, therefore you will suffer a longer duration on your ban.
  5. Melkerx

    Audi S8 2016

    Looks very good, getting a yes from me.
  6. pretty nice, my daughter tried out some snow day too.. first time she ever played that bracket went ok i guess XD
  7. In-game name: Baten Melkx. Why you want this mod: Clean liveries for the boeing 777, if all of them cant be added i'm alright with having a few of them. Link to the mod: https://sv.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/klm-boeing-777-200-new-livery-2015 https://sv.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/china-airlines-boeing-livery-for-boeing-777-300er https://sv.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/boeing-777-300er-livery-pack-air-new-zealand-etihad-oman-air-philippines-qatar-saudia-virgin-australia Reason for your request: Enhances the boeing 777 experience, this is the main plane I am using in my freeroam. Does anyone else want this mod (Not required): Häxantutto. How many mods have you requested in the past 72 hours: Is this mod already on the server? The plane is already on the server, the liveries are not.
  8. Hai, this is my main character and his beautiful WC outfit hehe. Currently working on woodcutting whenever I have nothing better to do ^_^
  9. I love the SLR, one of my favorite models from Mercedes. You have my support.
  10. Hello! Link your favorite nostalgic songs here ☺️☺️☺️ here is mine 😋
  11. I am here to motivate you guys and inspire you to follow through with your ban appeal, as you can see I have posted a video of another player that was banned in possibly a similar way as you did but in another game. This man however with dedication, passion and commitment managed to lift his permanent ban and is now enjoying the game again. Now I would like to encourage you to appeal for your ban. Anything is possible if you put your mind and effort into it, I recommend you to use this video as inspiration. Please if you have broken our rules you must take it as a lesson and make yourself a better freeroamer moving forward, a ban could be a stepping stone for you to become your greatest version on our server. Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of the success. Good luck. Sincerely yours, Baten.
  12. In-game name: Melkx Why you want this mod: I'm desperate for another runway in San Andreas, as a main pilot freeroamer this is important to me. Link to the mod: https://sv.gta5-mods.com/maps/paleto-bay-international-airport Reason for your request: Lack of runways in San Andreas, gets boring very quickly with limited runways to rotate. This is a small airport of only 40 KB. Not expecting it to be accepted nor to work on our server. Just a request incase this mod somehow is fps efficient and not too heavy to load into our server. Does anyone else want this mod (Not required): Not that I know of. How many mods have you requested in the past 72 hours: No.
  13. Melkerx

    Airbus A380

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