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  1. @Coolstream Greetings bro, I have told my friend to buy his own GTA V and to play on that. Would you please Unban me now i am sorry but i didnt knew about this rule. Â
  2. Hi @Coolstream We are not using steam share I have downloaded GTA V when it was free on Epic games and to play FiveM your PC must have original GTA files so my friend @alimran7050 logged into my epic account downloaded GTA V and logged back off this way he can also play FiveM and I can too I hope you understand now how we were playing on same license. Please Unban us I love this server man literally best free roam server ever.
  3. In-Game Name: noumanimran23 Date of ban: 9/9/2020 Ban expiration date: Permanent Admin who banned you: Travis Cot Platform: FiveM Discord name: Noumann Why were you banned: We met a guy on a Mercedes he started ramming my toyota and then me and my friend started ramming him to take revenge and then he reported us and travis cot banned us without hearing our side of the story. Why should you be unbanned: I love this server it is one of the best freeeroam server that i have played and i love to roam around with mods and do car meetups with all the mods. I also invited 2 new friends in this server to play with i think i should be unbanned and my side of story wasnt even heard by the moderator and he banned me and my friend. Evidence:
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