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  1. Declined - Gauge has a texture issue, taillight is white
  2. Declined - Same issue as last time it was requested. Headlights doesn't pop up.
  3. Declined - File size / Doesn't spawn ingame
  4. Coolstream

    Peugeot 406

    Declined - Lights doesn't work.
  5. Declined - Front wheel doesn't turn
  6. Declined - Model itself is so low to the ground that it can't drive without scraping. Driver is nowhere close to the actual seat.
  7. Declined - As mentioned on the mod page, the dials are bugged / using the wrong texture. The rear indicators are also flipped.
  8. Declined - This car is not tuneable, it's a separate model
  9. Declined - "You may only have one (1) active request at any time. After it has been answered you'll have to wait 72 hours before posting another request."
  10. Coolstream


    Declined - Should've appealed the ban in 2019 instead of circumventing it.
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