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  1. Hi Emortal, I'll be taking your appeal. You were banned because I was alerted to the fact that you have two logged license identifiers on the server, this is commonly when you're using more than one PC to play on the server. Is that the case?
  2. Declined - Ban has been changed to perma after Discord insults, then promptly leaving the server.
  3. Declined - Follow the template.
  4. I can provide you links to where you can download the handling lines of the majority of cars on the server, PM me here or on Discord about which specifically you're looking for.
  5. Coolstream


    Declined. - Create a forum account.
  6. Coolstream

    why am i banned :(

    Declined - Create an account on the forums before posting an appeal.
  7. Declined - Shows up like this in-game, may be because it needs tuning parts to show completely.
  8. Accepted, added with a different model from outside GTA5-Mods.
  9. Declined - That is the model on the server, not enough interest to warrant adding tuning parts to it.
  10. Declined - Lights look like garbage in-game
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