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    • @sitek snnipe Hello,   You are not banned from our server. The reason it says your name is blacklisted because your name must be containing symbol's. You need to change your name to be able to play on our server.
    • In-Game Name: sito#snipee KeyDrop.com Date of ban: I do not know Ban expiration date: I do not know Admin who banned you: I do not know Platform: FiveM Discord name: sitek#7663 Why were you banned: I do not know Why should you be unbanned:   The last time I played was 2 weeks ago and everything was fine. Today I wanted to play and here is the information that my name is on the blacklist. And I do not understand why I did not get any information that I was doing something wrong or I did not do anything outside the regulations, but a month ago on a few fivem servers and here I also had such information but after a few days it disappeared. Evidence:
    • @yves_009 Stop making pointless applications this is the third one for the same ban, if you dont put on effort on the application or good evidence you wont get accepted. Your ban will expire today 25/10/2020 4:00 PM. Appeal answered:   
    • In-Game Name: Qelp_ Date of ban: 10-10-2020 Ban expiration date: 25-10-2020 Admin who banned you: Vignjevicc55 Platform: FiveM Discord name: 𝓨𝓥𝓔𝓢#3007 Why were you banned: Breaking rule(s) §3.1. - Mass spwaning cars. Why should you be unbanned: because it is only a few hours and then I am not banned but can you now all unbanned me I really want to play with a friend Evidence:
    • CLOSED  -Didnt bother to provide any information.    
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