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    • @MaloExe Okay so, after reviewing this appeal I'm simply going to deny it on the fact that it is only an 8 hour ban. By the time this is resolved, you'll be unbanned and ready to play again either way. Take this ban as a warning though, the next time you get banned it could be a longer one.   Final Verdict: Declined - The ban is only for 8 hours, you'll probably be unbanned by the time you read this message either way.  
    • okay mate thank you, you sure will see me on that server and thank you for replying. im sorry about my actions but the only reason i argued because if someone hits me on accident i dont really care, but when i hit someone they go "omg what u doing" or "stop doing it" then i have to tell them to shut up becasue its so annoying, but away from the point, thank you for replying, i will be back streaming the server tomorrow   thank you AC
    • Good evening, @MaloExe I'm Senior Administrator Deathless Pepsi. Today i was watching for your actions quite a while (ramming, interrupting RPs, arguing in chat with players and calling them names), you have few warns and kicks, and you're not listening to staff members at all. I only banned you for 8 hours but that behavior will lead to bigger punishments, not from me but from other staff members that will see your actions. So to avoid confusions read our rules once again. And don't forget about common sense, because i've seen you arguing with few players today in general chat. Its not a big deal unless you're not doing same issues over and over again. That ban only for 8 hours as i said, so i hope to see you on our server once again.    Sincerely, Deathless Pepsi General Administration Team (GAT)
    • do u want me to show you the clip?
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