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    • Greetings, @alexhd08 You were banned by our AntiCheat system twice from two different IPs because you tried to use a forbidden menu.  Final verdict: Declined.
    • In-Game Name: Alexhd08 Date of ban: 23.02.2020 Ban expiration date: I think permanent Admin who banned you: I don t know because is writing that i am banned automatically Platform: Freeroam server Discord name: alexhd08#9766 Why were you banned: I don t know because my game was crashed and when i tried to enter again in the server i was banned Why should you be unbanned: Because i didn t do anything wrong . Please unbann me .My game crashed and when i tried to enter in the game i saw that i was banned ,but i don t know why .Please unbann me . Evidence:
    • Greetings @ethancool, First of all, the ban was not "extreme"  at all, you have multiple offenses under your belt and you are well aware of that. You will stay banned until the 8th of March. I hope this is a good lesson for you and you'll start behaving like a normal player. Also, you didn't put any effort into this ban appeal whatsoever, that could possibly make me change my mind, you might want to keep that into account for any future bans.  Final verdict: Declined. 
    • In-Game Name: SHAT UP IDIOT Date of ban: 02/02/2020 Ban expiration date: 03/08/2020 Admin who banned you: iLwS Platform: freeroam server Discord name: ETHAN#9662 Why were you banned: ramming Why should you be unbanned: because the ban was very extreme and i was only ramming my friend to have fun then an admin came over and said stop ramming when he was my friend i also like playing this server because of all the cars youve got on this server  Evidence: i dont have any
    • ACCEPTED Evidence shows clear misbehaving, logs backup your side of the story. Their History is spotty to say the least. Banned for 2 months (Banned until 20/04/2020) Appeal possible for both players (Bortus and Perkellee Jonne)
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