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  1. Denied. @SRT_Demon Any form of cheating on our platform, bug exploiting, script abusing or similar things will cause an instant permanent ban without the possibility of appeal. You will never be unbanned, please do not make more appeals in the future. You are permanently banned from our community. I wish you good luck on your future endeavours.
  2. Denied Please provide your actual discord username. @SibirianHusky
  3. Hi, I'll be taking your appeal. Just to clarify, you logged off before I could ban you as well. Coolstream only applied the offline ban since I was busy. So technically I am the admin who banned you. Now that we got all of that out of the way, I'll be sending a link to another appeal where I address both you and your friend. You were not as bad as your friend, and you haven't been private messaging me on every platform there is, unlike your friend. iDragonash has been messaging and harrassing me in private messages on both Discord and the Forums, plus what he did in-game was also worse than what you did. Since you were just defending your friend, which is something I can understand. I will go much easier on you, as it is iDragonash that is the main offender here. However, you did put your nose where it don't belong, and you did also break server rule #7. As I promised above, I'll go easy on you and reduce your ban from 1 month to a 3-day ban starting from now. The 3-day ban is justified from your breaking of server rule #7. Final Verdict of this appeal: @Erik Appeal Approved. Reduced ban from 1 month to a 3-day period. You will be unbanned: 28.08.2019 @ 15:25 CET
  4. Hi, I will be taking your appeal. First off, this appeal is only valid for @iDragonash. @Erik needs to make his own. I will begin from the start, you've both broken several rules. For starters, you're both caught speaking another language on our platform than English, which is strictly foribben, often punished by a longer ban by just itself. Proof: Now, I could go on even longer about logs where I found both of you not speaking English. At this point, you've both already broken a severe server rule, which I mentioned earlier is more than bannable by just itself on this reason alone. To top it off, iDragon starts approaching Melkx, Duck and me. We were doing our own thing, chill driving up to a building that we call the Presidents office. It does not matter if this is RP or not, this is not an RP server, anything is allowed aslong as you dont disrupt other players, kill them, get rude, or anything else that could be considered harrassment. After iDragon approached us, Duck told him to please go away, as we weren't doing an event and we were simply doing our own thing. Which is within our right. Everyone has the right to be left alone to their own business. When Duck told iDragon to get away, iDragon replied with following: Clearly just trying to make trouble from the start, which is also a bannable offense. Then, to top it off, iDragon asks if we are allowed to use godmode in our private softcore cruise, wether you want to classify it as RP if up to you - but does not matter in the end. This instantly made both me and Melkx assume that you were up to no good. You clearly had intentions of trying to kill us, when we didn't even want to. This is clearly intending to break more server rules, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since action weren't actually committed. From here, I'll link the following logs in text instead of Discord screenshots, due to how the forum handles too many pictures in a single thread: iDragonash [Global] [ID: 28]BOTYesterday at 6:50 PM We wanted to make it more interesting Erik [Global] [ID: 32]BOTYesterday at 6:50 PM We thought we could make the rp more fun but ok bye Here you are both insinuating that your intentions were to kill us, or attempt to. Once again. melkx [Global] [ID: 17]BOTYesterday at 6:50 PM Dont wanna get shot by a random 12 year old Piloten [Global] [ID: 24]BOTYesterday at 6:51 PM We're all allowed to do our own thing here iDragonash [Global] [ID: 28]BOTYesterday at 6:51 PM WEll okay go further with your boring rp than Here we both explain that we don't want to get killed by what we consider kids, and that we are allowed to do our own thing. You then proceed to insult our RP out of the blue, but fine. We let all of the above go for now. Trust me, at this point we were discussing to ban you for all the above reasons. You've both broken several server rules at this moment, and acted on stupidity. Piloten [Global] [ID: 24]BOTYesterday at 6:51 PM We dont want to get griefed and shot by a bunch of kids melkx [Global] [ID: 17]BOTYesterday at 6:51 PM If you join our scenario it's on our terms, of course you can join. Just keep that in mind. Erik [Global] [ID: 32]BOTYesterday at 6:52 PM I honestly wouldnt call that rp what u guys are doing but okay Have fun Piloten [Global] [ID: 24]BOTYesterday at 6:52 PM Its not RP either, just playing by ourselves Erik [Global] [ID: 32]BOTYesterday at 6:53 PM Interesting way of ''playing'' Piloten [Global] [ID: 24]BOTYesterday at 6:53 PM What does it matter what we do? We're not touching you, now quiet down Here, Erik continues to insult our way of playing. When we never included either of you in the first place. As the global chat was getting out of hand for stupid reasons, I told you both to quiet down. If you had both stayed quiet and taken the discussion further into the correct platforms, things would of been fine. I was going to let everything you both had done wrong above slide, but then stupidly enough, iDragon ruined it for the both of you: iDragonash [Global] [ID: 28]BOTYesterday at 6:56 PM You are a headadmin and you are behaving as a dick, behave as a headadmin as Melkx So now, you have insulted an Head Admin to top it all off with, this was the tip of the iceberg. The last drop of water. From here, I proceed to ban both of you for 1 month, for all of the things mentioned above. All the rules you broke. Now, I have decided to consider unbanning @Erik if he makes his own appeal first. Which I recommend you do. For you, @iDragonash , you're going to stay banned banned for following reasons: Breaking server rule #7, breaking rule #2, breaking server rule #10. Final Verdict of this appeal: @iDragonash Appeal Denied. The original ban date stays. You will be unbanned: 23.09.2019 @ 16:57:24 CET
  5. This is just a microscoping picture?
  6. Don't speak a foreign language again, this server is strictly English-only. Accepted
  7. Please use the format. Declined
  8. No reply, today is also the unban date. Closing and locking this appeal.
  9. You're only on a 3-day ban, why do you think you deserve to decrease it? @Vito Scaletta
  10. Greetings @Vito Scaletta I'll be handling your ban appeal, and before we begin there's a few things I'm going to state just for public record that aren't mentioned here. First of all, Anticide is a Head Administrator on a hidden account. I will not mention who it is. I looked up your ban, and noticed that this isn't a permanent ban. Now you can still appeal a ban that isn't permanent of course, so for example if you were banned for 2 weeks, you can appeal it and have it removed for whatever reason. Your ban expires on 2019-07-17, 21:30 CEST I spoke with the banning admin, and overlooked the situation. I went to look at chat logs, action logs and other general information. I don't see this ban being wrong due to your actions breaking a server rule. Here is some stuff that was said, taken out from our server logs: Here you were clearly breaking the rules, so your ban will stay until the original expiration date. You will be unbanned on 2019-07-17, 21:30 CEST
  11. Piloten

    I'm sorry

    You'll be unbanned tonight, don't fuck up again. @kistonesz
  12. Piloten

    I'm sorry

    How do I know you won't continue breaking server rules if I unban you? @kistonesz
  13. Piloten

    Tesla Prior Design

    Isn't this a normal Model S, just heavily modified? I'll let @Coolstream judge this one.
  14. Piloten

    Rolls Royce Ghost

    This is the last request before only allowing the new form. This was posted right before I posted information about the new form. You can review this as a normal mod request @Coolstream
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