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  1. Piloten


    @zoro11bg I'll be taking your appeal. Since this is now over a year ago, I'll give you a chance. Keep in mind that this is logged and kept as history on your account for all mods and admins to see in the future. My advice is to stay clean, have fun on our server and follow the rules. If you are unsure about what the updated and current rules are, you can check them out here: Final ban appeal verdict: ACCEPTED - You have been unbanned, and should be able to login.
  2. Piloten


    @Zika8891 I'll take your appeal. This is the third appeal you've made for the same thing. In your last two appeals, you were told to write a proper appeal and putting more effort into it. Here's your last two appeals: As English is a must to be eligible to play on our servers, and clearly you don't speak or understand it at all - I've not only decided to decline your ban appeal, but also permanently ban you from our forums. Preventing you from spamming us with more useless appeals. Third time is not always the charm, unless done properly. There
  3. Piloten


    @Kangal There is no way around being detected by our anticheat software, or manually caught by staff members. You've been cheating on our server, and you will stay permanently banned without the possibility of appealing. If you try to make another appeal, you will also get forum-banned.
  4. Piloten


    @xyp999 You have over 15 steam accounts connected to your license. If you believe this is an error, then you can make a support thread by clicking here. Clearly you're trying to evade your original ban by attempting to connect with multiple accounts. Your appeal is also lacking, clearly you haven't bothered with this at all so why should I? Final Verdict: DECLINED
  5. Piloten


    Hello @Traden I'll be handling this appeal. Since you didn't clarify the ban message under the "why were you banned" tab, I'll post it here to remove all confusion. You were banned for: Breaking rule(s) §1 , §2.2 , §2.3. - Since you dont want to stop arguing, complaining and harrasing players and staff members this needed to happen, hope this will teach you how to act on our server. Read the rules once again and calm down, i'd like to see your progress after this ban expires. Happy new year/christmas and have fun with your dearest around you. You claim that this ban is "70% fal
  6. Piloten


    Hi @Nat I'll be handling this appeal. First of all, suggesting what we should do instead of just apologizing and sucking up to your mistake is a bad move: "But I would have liked to get (in this case) a lighter sanction (like for example: 1 month banishment)" Secondly, this is no excuse when you attempt to crash the server out of malicious intent: "In my own little defence, one of the people presented my disturbance so I rebelled but I made a kind of stupid "K.O"." Just to clarify, here are two screenshots of what you did: We have extremely strict rules wh
  7. Piloten


    @Meesdix2.0 I'll handle your appeal. You've put absolutely zero effort into this appeal, so why should I put any effort into handling it? The ban isn't even that long for what you did, so count your blessings instead. Next time, read the rules and use your head before spam spawning vehicles which could end up potentially crashing the server. Final verdict: DECLINED - Your ban stays until 01-Jan-2020
  8. @Lieutenant Bullgur Please take your next ban appeal more seriously. Your date of ban and ban expiration date doesn't make any sense, if you can't be bothered putting any time and effort into your appeal then why should we? You can make another appeal, make sure to do it properly and keep it in English. If you make another appeal like this, you may get restricted from posting a new one in the future. Final Verdict of this Appeal: Declined - Writing your messages in another language. - Ban expiration date don't make sense to your date of ban.
  9. Piloten


    @Romanowski Since Matt is no longer with us in staff, I'll give you a chance to come back. Consider yourself extremely lucky. If you try to mass spawn anything again, you will be permanently banned without the possibility of appealing. You're unbanned. Final Verdict: Approved - You've been unbanned - A note has been put on your account, linking to this thread internally for staff members.
  10. Piloten


    @Romanowski I'll be taking your ban appeal, but I'm seriously struggling to understand your English. Are you trying to say that it wasn't you who was playing on this account/computer/license?
  11. Piloten


    Going to unban you. However, I'll be putting a note on you that staff members can see only with a link to this thread. If you do something similar again, you will be banned without a warning. Final Verdict: Approved - You are unbanned and can play again.
  12. Piloten


    @mattster I'll be taking this appeal. You're saying that you were wrongly banned, and that you've been wrongly accused also. I have 2 questions for you: 1. Do you remember who accused you? 2. Did you ever say you were going to crash the server?
  13. Piloten


    @yves_009 You have already appealed, which got denied. Your old appeal can be found here: Your ban expires on the 25th of October. Further attempts to making appeals will result in an extension of your ban, including a forum ban attached with it.
  14. Piloten


    @sdfsdf Since your history is pretty clean from before all of this, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and unban you. However, I will only be unbanning your first account that was banned by @Vignjevicc55. That means your other two accounts that you made after trying to avoid your ban will remain permanently banned. I will also be putting a note only staff members can see on your account, linking to this thread. If you try to mass spawn vehicles again, try to make more accounts or connect to your two currently banned accounts - You will be permanently banned. If you have
  15. Piloten


    When you join our server for the first time, a big window appears explaining all our rules, where you can find them with a guide on how things work on our server. It's no excuse to miss this, you actually have to click skip several times to make it go away the first time you join. If I unban you now, what's going to ensure me that you aren't going to continuously break server policy? @sdfsdf
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