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  1. No reply, today is also the unban date. Closing and locking this appeal.
  2. You're only on a 3-day ban, why do you think you deserve to decrease it? @Vito Scaletta
  3. Greetings @Vito Scaletta I'll be handling your ban appeal, and before we begin there's a few things I'm going to state just for public record that aren't mentioned here. First of all, Anticide is a Head Administrator on a hidden account. I will not mention who it is. I looked up your ban, and noticed that this isn't a permanent ban. Now you can still appeal a ban that isn't permanent of course, so for example if you were banned for 2 weeks, you can appeal it and have it removed for whatever reason. Your ban expires on 2019-07-17, 21:30 CEST I spoke with the banning admin, and overlooked the situation. I went to look at chat logs, action logs and other general information. I don't see this ban being wrong due to your actions breaking a server rule. Here is some stuff that was said, taken out from our server logs: Here you were clearly breaking the rules, so your ban will stay until the original expiration date. You will be unbanned on 2019-07-17, 21:30 CEST
  4. piloten

    I'm sorry

    You'll be unbanned tonight, don't fuck up again. @kistonesz
  5. piloten

    I'm sorry

    How do I know you won't continue breaking server rules if I unban you? @kistonesz
  6. piloten

    Tesla Prior Design

    Isn't this a normal Model S, just heavily modified? I'll let @Coolstream judge this one.
  7. piloten

    Rolls Royce Ghost

    This is the last request before only allowing the new form. This was posted right before I posted information about the new form. You can review this as a normal mod request @Coolstream
  8. Administrator Application Greetings everyone. After our server becoming more and more popular each day, we have decided to open up Administrator Applications. However there are a few rules and criteria when it comes to applying to become an administrator. You must be 16 years of age or older. (Moderator has no age requirement) Active on the Forums. (Meaning often daily checks of the site, you don't need to be a big poster. Moderators don't need to be active on the forums) Respected in the community. Have a mature mind-set. If you feel like you are admin-material and you fill out these criteria, go apply to become an Administrator or Moderator. Good luck to all applicants! Click on the link posted below: https://gamesense.eu/index.php?/form/1-admin-application/
  9. piloten

    Coffe shops

    Declined. - This will only clog up the map with perm objects/elevators.
  10. Declined. - Not following the updated format. Always read "Read before posting" before posting.
  11. piloten

    Mercedes GT63s

    Accepted. - This vehicle is now on the server.
  12. piloten

    Mercedes GLE Coupe

    Declined. - We already have a GLE of this generation on the server.
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