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  1. Piloten


    @MaloExe Okay so, after reviewing this appeal I'm simply going to deny it on the fact that it is only an 8 hour ban. By the time this is resolved, you'll be unbanned and ready to play again either way. Take this ban as a warning though, the next time you get banned it could be a longer one. Final Verdict: Declined - The ban is only for 8 hours, you'll probably be unbanned by the time you read this message either way.
  2. Piloten


    @MaloExe Thank you for your reply. I'm going to let @Deathless_Pepsi explain his side of the situation now. Regards, Piloten Upper Administration
  3. Piloten


    Greetings @MaloExe Please tell me who banned you, put some effort into this. I'm not going to do all the detective work for you if you can't even bother reconnecting to the server to find out the date, and who banned you. So please, reconnect to the server and tell me when your ban expires, and who banned you. A message will pop-up when you try to reconnect. Regards, Piloten Upper Administration
  4. Piloten


    @vojtass10 You've literally put zero efforts into making your appeal, and your reply. As shown above, you have an extensive history of rule breaking, even multiple bans for the same reasons. I see no reason why you should deserve to get more chances from us, when all you seem to do here is cause trouble and constantly break server rules. However, I'll allow you make another appeal in 6 months. Hopefully this will give you some time to properly think about how your behavior affects the other players on our server. Final Verdict: Declined - You're eligible to make another appeal in 6 months from now (6th of February, 2021).
  5. Piloten


    Hello @vojtass10 I'll be taking this appeal as a neutral third party member. First of all, your appeal makes no sense. Seems to me you can't even write proper English, or take 10 minutes of your time to make a decent appeal. Letting your brother play on your account in the first place, is already against our rules - which I assume you have read before playing, right? Secondly, you have one of the worst account histories I've ever seen. It's a wonder you haven't been permanently banned already before. You have 9 warnings, and 4 kicks. Now, this is bad enough, a ban should have been due a long time ago. If you take a look at your ban history, you've even been banned for the exact same reason in the past. You've clearly broken the same rules multiple times, over and over. Why should you be unbanned? Your account history: I'd also like to hear what @Deathless_Pepsi has to say, as the banning admin. Regards, Piloten Upper Administration Team
  6. Piloten


    @IronMakis You're not even bothering explaining your own situation properly to me. You've taken no efforts into making a proper appeal, and this is your second time getting permanently banned. You're also extremely phalenx, and constantly argue with staff members. Due to all of the reasons above, I'm going to decline your ban appeal. I'll allow you to make another ban appeal in three months from this verdict, that means you can make another appeal in November. However, if you attempt to make another appeal before November - I will permanently ban you from our forums and discord as well, without the possibility of ever appealing in the future. See you in November.
  7. Piloten


    Hello @IronMakis Since Matt is away for the moment, I'll be taking your appeal instead. I haven't had the chance to speak with @Matt yet (your banning admin), so I don't know the full context of your situation. However, you haven't really given me much information to go on here. You didn't really put much effort into your ban appeal, could you try to explain with more detail about what happened? And also, why would you make the appeal now - 3 months after your ban?
  8. Piloten


    @Crzy4u I unbanned you on Discord now
  9. Major Update (v3.0.0) | July 16th 2020 It's time for another update! Due to extremely high activity and constant high server queues, we've decided to open up another Gamesense Freeroam & Chill server. This is basically a replica of the current freeroam server, but does also come with a few minor changes. What's Different? Instead of using real life time (currently set to european standard on main server), we will be using the standard timecycle of GTA Online. Note that the main server will stay unchanged, this is only for the new server. Minor updates to the Gamesense watermarks. Vehicle plates has been added back. Updated and added in #status on our Discord server. Connect to IP: freeroam.gamesense.eu:40120 Please understand that this is not the main server, but an added option for those who don't wish to sit in longer queues. Everything works the same in-game as on our main server, but /report may be slower if there are no moderators/administrators on the 2nd server. We will try our best to spread staff members on both servers when populated and needed. Our 2nd freeroam server will also be an experiment to our systems to see what it can handle, but we don't expect any issues what so ever. We will also monitor over time how popular and full this 2nd server becomes, if people still choose to sit in hour long queues to enter the main server, that would eliminate the whole purpose. Nothing changes account-wise, if you get banned from one server, it will apply to both. If you're a donator, of course you will have all your perks on both servers as well. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below or on our Discord server.
  10. Staff Update - June 2020 It's been a while since we've done one of these staff updates, we will begin to push these updates every single month. These updates will be showing everyone who was demoted, promoted, or added into our staff roster since the previous update. This update will only show into June so far, as it's been too long since our last staff update. Thanks to everyone who applied to become a staff member, only a very few got selected this time. For those who didn't make it this time, feel free to try again next time! With this update, we will be closing down the staff applications until we announce them public again in our Discord server Promotions SuReaL Moderator > Trial Administrator Trippie Player > Trial Moderator Titanium Player > Trial Moderator Departures Resident Administrator > Player (Removed) Full staff roster can always be found here:
  11. Official Partnership With Today I am pleased to announce that we will be partnering up with another GTA:V community called OwlGaming! OwlGaming is a roleplaying server based on the Rage:MP platform. They are heavily customized with their own scripts and features, and will feel very different to play on compared to our own server here at Gamesense. Why are we partnering up? In the past years, Gamesense have become more and more advanced in the free roaming scene, making our server one of the most successful and unique. For example, we have over the years removed common freeroam aspects such as teleporting, noclipping, weapons, and much more. We removed these features to make our freeroam experience more immersive, and it has been a huge success. Due to these changes, players started becoming more captivated with their gameplay, causing more and more people to do softcore roleplaying. Today, people are constantly making their own RP events such as dealerships, mechanics, government, police, and so on. People are always communicating in our discord and in-game chats to gather up at certain locations to roleplay. Our server has gotten so popular from this that we had to make multiple servers in the past, which we are now running with different maps and cities. About a year ago, we made a public post asking if anyone would be interested in a proper roleplaying server, and asked people to make surveys and contact us for beta testing. The response was so massive that at the time we wanted to make our own roleplaying server. However, FiveM only supports up to 32 players if you don’t use clunky features such as OneSync. Trying to squeeze a higher player cap than 32 only causes more issues than benefits. Especially for a text-based roleplaying server. We’d also have to completely script and make a server from scratch, which would take years to perfect in development. This is why most text-based roleplaying servers choose to develop on Rage:MP, which lets you have essentially unlimited players on a single server without multiple instances. OwlGaming is amongst the best and top tier servers in the roleplaying scene. They have existed since 2014 on a GTA:SA platform known as MTA. Over the years they have perfected the roleplaying scene, rules and lore and built up a massive reputation and playerbase. They started developing GTA:V server already back in 2018, and eventually it became their main project and only server to play on. This is why we’ve decided to partner up with them. To all the players who have wanted us to have a place for them to do more roleplay, and a step-up from our current server. This is it. OwlGaming will offer everything that you’ve requested of us in the past. About OwlGaming and Rage:MP Remember that OwlGaming and Rage:MP is its own server and platform entirely. Even if we are now officially partners, when you sign up to their website and join their server - you are on their server. That means any rules we have in Gamesense no longer comply over there. You have to follow their rules and guidelines. Please make sure you are up-to-date on their rules before making an account and applying to play there. They have a small and quick roleplaying test with a few questions in it before you get accepted into their server. OwlGaming Official Website: https://owlgaming.net/ OwlGaming Forums: https://forums.owlgaming.net/ OwlGaming Rules can be found here: https://docs.owlgaming.net/ How to sign up and guides At OwlGaming, you need to register an account at their UCP (User Control Panel/Website) first of all. This can be done here: https://owlgaming.net/account/register/ Once you have registered an account, we also recommend that you make a forum account. Forums at OwlGaming are used for multiple reasons such as browsing the community, more guides, information, and for in-character purposes. You can register at their forums here: https://forums.owlgaming.net/register/ (This is not needed at first, but highly recommended) Now that you have signed up and made an account, you need to download Rage:MP. Download can be found here: https://rage.mp/ (You need GTA:V pre-installed before downloading Rage:MP) How to get RAGE:MP and join the server 1: Now that you have signed up and made an account, you need to download Rage:MP. Download can be found here: https://rage.mp/ (You need GTA:V pre-installed before downloading Rage:MP) 2: Download this file and place it in your RAGE:MP installation folder: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/617057755672346643/710585330570362940/enable-clientside-cs.txt 3: Connect to v.owlgaming.net:5000 4: Now you have to complete a simple 5 step application, to prove that you understand the basic concept of roleplay. This shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes. More information about the application process down below. If this did not work for you for whatever reason, you can also follow this more detailed guide on how to connect: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/108297-how-to-play-owl-v-on-ragemp/ The Application Process Passing the application should be a swift process, to ensure that, make sure you review the rules before filling out the application. http://docs.owlgaming.net/rules/general_rules.html http://docs.owlgaming.net/rules/v_rules.html You can refer to these documents anytime. What to do after connecting We understand that new players joining a proper RP server for the first time might get very confused, there are a lot of new elements to learn and understand. OwlGaming works very different from GAMESENSE, so here are two guides designed to help you out right after connecting for the very first time: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/109896-starting-off-on-owl-v-things-to-do-first-locations/ https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/109895-commands-for-owl-v/ The OwlGaming staff are also very aware of this partnership, and all the new players it brings. Please do not hesitate to contact them in either discord or with an in-game report function if you are lost or need help! Piloten will also be personally joining as an Administrator over there, so feel free to reach out to him personally on discord or in-game as well for any questions! We want to make sure everyone will have an easy time as possible to migrate over to the new RP server. Additional Information Official representatives of OwlGaming now have an Official Partner role in our Discord. Please do not directly tag them if you need help. Go to their own Discord or Forums if you need support. Please note that GAMESENSE staff members cannot help you with any OwlGaming support. Discord: https://discord.gg/kGCggRV Website: https://owlgaming.net/ Forums: https://forums.owlgaming.net/ Looking forward to seeing you all do some real immersive roleplay! Regards, - GAMESENSE - OwlGaming Community
  12. Piloten

    Rules of Gamesense

    The rules of Gamesense §1. Common Courtesy Be respectful to fellow community members, think about the things you say and do. A simple way to explain this rule is “treat others how you expect to be treated.” We will not tolerate abusive behavior towards any member of our community. This especially applies to our staff team as we are here to help you. If someone is attempting to disrupt your gameplay, you may ignore them, however if it is a member of staff that is attempting to contact you then you must respond. Refusing to do so will result in punishment depending on the severity of the situation. English has been notified as the only language spoken on the server. Only use that language, no exception. We simply cannot moderate a language we do not understand. If a member of our staff team makes a decision, that decision is final. If you are unhappy, you are to use our appeals section on the forums, if you believe the staff member did something wrong or abusive, you may staff report them. Ban Appeal can be found HERE Staff Report can be found HERE If you feel that another community member is breaking the rules, you are not permitted to do the same. Instead, please report the player in-game by typing /report in the chat, or you may use the player report function on the forums. Player Report can be found HERE The Golden Rule is a moral which says treat others as you would like them to treat you. This is a very vague set of rules, which allows staff members to punish players breaching the golden rule under their own best judgment. You can also read more about the Golden Rule here. Underneath is a list of a few things that would be breaching the golden rule, and breaking our server rules. Racism Harassing others Threatening others Trolling Simply use common sense. §2. In-Game General Rules §2.1. You are not allowed to crash, or attempt to crash the server of any sort. We have a script system in place where we can see everything players spawn in. If you are caught trying to intentionally crash or lag the server, you will be permanently banned. §2.2. This is a freeroam server. Do not disturb random players doing their own thing. We mainly focus on chill driving, road trips, testing out cars and similar things of that nature. You are not allowed to phalenx at all. §2.3. Phalenxing is against the rules, this may get you punished depending on the severity. What is phalenx? Phalenx is a word we have made up which means a person acting relentlessly. Phalenxing will be considered something like blowing cars up for no reason, throwing grenades at people, killing people over and over, ramming their vehicles into others, and generally acting like a 10-year old. We are a calm and chill freeroam server. Chill out. §2.4. Lately there has been a lot of "softcore roleplay", this is okay to do. We are not an official roleplaying server, but everyone can do their own thing. People harassing people doing their own thing is not allowed. This goes along with the other rules above. §2.5. We are not a political server or your local kindergarten. You may say and talk about whatever you want. Just make sure you don't break the common courtesy rules under §1. §2.6. If you find any bug, crash or any other type of issue, please report it HERE. You can also try out our #support channel on Discord. You are not allowed to tag an entire group of admins, only one at a time. §2.7. Any shape or form of tricking our automated systems such as the autokick for going AFK will result into a punishment. The severity will depend on several factors such as previous history, and what exactly was done. This is up to the staff member to decide. §2.8. Hacking, cheating or any form of using custom menus will result in a permanent ban. This ban cannot be appealed, if you get caught cheating or flagged by our automatic anti-cheat system you will stay banned permanently. §2.9. The police station in Los Santos, also known as "Mission Row Police Station" is an official staff area. This place is off limits for all players when used by the police or staff members, unless you have been guided or invited there. Constantly showing up here uninvited when being used, especially if roleplay is present, may lead into punishments. §3. In-Game Vehicle Rules §3.1. Delete your vehicles when you are finished with them, or leaving the server. It's okay to spawn in a few cars around the map and forgetting about them, but do not spawn in a large number of vehicles at the same spot and leave them there. Delete them when you are finished with your screenshot, event, roleplay, or whatever it is. §3.1. Constantly spawning in a few vehicles here and there and forgetting to delete them may one day lead into a punishment. We keep logs, so don't make it a habit. §3.2. You can always be in the spawn area, but do not drive around in your car, spawn planes, shoot players or make noise. The spawn area is meant for new players to connect and fix their settings/appearance, players recovering after dying, etc. §3.3. All types of emergency vehicles are restricted to staff members and donators. Most vehicles will automatically disappear when you try to take them as a player, however there are a few stock vehicles that are still obtainable. As a regular player, you are not allowed to take, drive, or use any type of emergency vehicle at all. This also applies for skins, appearance and models. Emergency vehicles will include police, ambulance, firetruck, and any type of vehicle with emergency lights and sirens on them. §4. Overall Rules §4.1. It is against the rules to impersonate a staff member, those doing so will be permanently banned. §4.2. Do not threaten other players with a ban, kick or things of similar nature. As a player, you have no rights what so ever to make these call. If you see someone breaking the rules, simply just report them and let our staff members deal with it. §4.3. Using more than 1 account to play on our server is illegal. If we find the same serial, IP, hardware ID or steam ID used for more than 1 account we will permanently ban you. If you are sharing internet or computer with a friend or relative, notify an Upper Administrator (UAT) about it and get permission to play with multiple users on the same IP/computer BEFORE we catch you for multi-accounting. §4.4. Do NOT DM (Direct Message/PM) staff members about your ban if you've received one. Go to the ban appeal section on the forum and fill out the form there. More information and links about ban appeals can be found under §1. §4.5. It is against the rules to advertise other communities, unless they already are an official partner or undergroup of GAMESENSE. This means, but not limited to: Other discord servers, FiveM servers, GTA:V related, forums, websites that could be considered a competitor, etc. Advertising personal streams, discord users, youtube channels, steam profiles, or things of similar nature is fine. We mainly don't want our competitors advertised. §5. Time Trials §5.1. Any form of cheating in time trials may lead into a negative account standing or even punishment, this will include anything out of the regular such as: Attempting to adjust multipliers, preset handling editor, preset vstancer, bug abusing, or any other form of cheating the intended mechanics. Our systems already won't allow you to do this, and will kick you out mid-race if attempted, however as we've seen people attempt to do this over and over until they hope to find a bug - you may end up getting a negative stand on your account. DISCLAIMER: Gamesense will constantly and automatically update rules and add new ones. You and only you are responsible to make sure that you understand these rules, have read them before playing and that you keep up-to-date with newly added/updated rules. If you are appealing a ban for breaking any of the rules, do not use the excuse that you did not know.
  13. Piloten


    You put absolutely zero effort into this appeal. Why should we unban you? @Heffe
  14. Ban Appeal Form We've gotten rid of the old format! All you need to do now is click the button on the page that says "NEW APPLICATION" in the ban appeal section and fill out the details. This should make it less confusing for everyone, and a lot simpler! You can also click HERE to appeal your ban.
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