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    In-Game Name: Nat Date of ban: 22/12/2020 03:08 AM CET Ban expiration date: Permanent Admin who banned you: Coolstream Platform: FiveM Discord name: Nat's#1561 Why were you banned: Mass tug spam / Trolling Why should you be unbanned: Hello, "Coolstream". This morning (3:38am in France), you banned a player nicknamed "Nat". Well obviously it's me! I'm writing this message to apologize for the nuisance created on your FiveM server. Being tired and upset (due to personal problems), I have annoyed a small group of people. In my own little defence, one of the people presented my disturbance so I rebelled but I made a kind of stupid "K.O". That's why I apologise a lot and if there is a possibility to give an apology to the people I bothered, I would do it without any hesitation. So I assume my fault, unfortunately the penalty has fallen (which is totally normal). But I would have liked to get (in this case) a lighter sanction (like for example: 1 month banishment). Then for the Christmas holidays it would be a more appreciated gift. Especially since in this current condition (Covid coronavirus), my entertainment shelter is on this server. So I knew I was going to get a ban but I didn't think it would be permanent. It really made me think about it and I want to apologise again. If it would be possible to have a lighter ban for these current Christmas times it would be very, very nice. Afterwards I can understand if you would not want to change the duration of my permanent ban to temporary. Then I'm not here to tell you lies and say I didn't do anything. I hope you will take heed of my message. Wishing you a very happy holiday and a pleasant day. Sincerely Nat. Evidence:
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