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    In-Game Name: Traden Date of ban: 22/12/2020 01:38 PM CET Ban expiration date: 03/02/2021 01:38 PM CET Admin who banned you: Vignjevic Platform: FiveM Discord name: Traden#4558 Why were you banned: So what happened was I made a offroad rideout, one guy came with a police car, then he drove to a mountain to 2people, they took buses, and started raising and doing shit around( ok I decided that no one wants to drive alright), I left, I made Jdm meet, he came with a I don't remember car, then he changed it to Audi rs6 and parked, I got upset because its annoying when people come with randoms cars to like Jdm meet. i said Get the fuck out of here, and then he said something and left. I reported him. He didn't listen to admin and still was parked then I said that. After 5mins, Vignjevic said something about what I said. I said I don't care , its not my problem that he comes with a wrong car and ruins the meet. twice, and its not first time he comes with wrong car... Then he said again something , almost that I was saying something about admins. Ok, I stopped texting and just flew a jet. Then I come back 2-3hours later I have a ban for "Since you dont want to stop arguing, complaining and harrasing players and staff members this needed to happen". First of all, I didn't say shit about admins!!! Secondly its fucking annoying that people come to meet with wrong cars all the time and admins don't give a shit,or the players don't give a shit. Yes I understand that he's a donator but it doesn't mean he can do shit and almost troll meets so tf???? I'm sorry that I said "get the fuck out of here" But that's only what I said. And if u'r the admin which I was racing rally then I understand why u ban me for no reason!! :)) Btw he gave me a warning :) And I didn't say shit so :))))) Why should you be unbanned: ok, I'm sorry for saying that to that guy. But it was 70% false ban, because i didn't say shit anything about staff and other players only this guy so I mean what tf??? And I didn't even argue.. I mean WOW Evidence:
  2. Traden


    @Piloten Any answers? 😄 Its has been almost like an week or so. maybe forgot me? 😄
  3. Traden


    No, I did, I harrased some poeple, I think it was crazy4u and someone else, there was an argument and then i started talking little shit to mods and they got angry and banned us all I think . As I said , I'm really sorry and it was just stupid to argue and make mods angry
  4. Traden


    In-Game Name: Traden Date of ban: 07/16/2020 06:46 PM CEST Ban expiration date: permanent Admin who banned you: Melkerx Platform: FiveM Discord name: Traden#4558 Why were you banned: It was miss-understanding , and probably the admin weren't in the mood. And I kinda bullied mods and I'm sorry about that :) Why should you be unbanned: So basically I got banned because I was doing some car meets and one guy started ruining it, and then I started an argument and basically he just betrayed me that I was doing shit ruining everything and talking mad shit about all other people, which i kinda didn't 🙂 And I want to get unbanned so I can play and make even more intresting car meets and races, and just make the server more intresting 🙂 As I said , I'm sorry for what i did and I'm not going to do it again 🙂 Evidence:
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