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Rules of Gamesense

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The rules of Gamesense


§1. Common Courtesy

Be respectful to fellow community members, think about the things you say and do. A simple way to explain this rule is “treat others how you expect to be treated.” We will not tolerate abusive behavior towards any member of our community. This especially applies to our staff team as we are here to help you.
If someone is attempting to disrupt your gameplay, you may ignore them, however if it is a member of staff that is attempting to contact you then you must respond. Refusing to do so will result in punishment depending on the severity of the situation.

English has been notified as the only language spoken on the server. Only use that language, no exception.
We simply cannot moderate a language we do not understand.

If a member of our staff team makes a decision, that decision is final. If you are unhappy, you are to use our appeals section on the forums, if you believe the staff member did something wrong or abusive, you may staff report them.

If you feel that another community member is breaking the rules, you are not permitted to do the same.
Instead, please report the player in-game by typing /report in the chat, or you may use the player report function on the forums.

The Golden Rule is a moral which says treat others as you would like them to treat you.
This is a very vague set of rules, which allows staff members to punish players breaching the golden rule under their own best judgment.
You can also read more about the Golden Rule here.
Underneath is a list of a few things that would be breaching the golden rule, and breaking our server rules.

  • Racism
  • Harassing others
  • Threatening others
  • Trolling

Simply use common sense.



§2. In-Game General Rules

You are not allowed to crash, or attempt to crash the server of any sort. We have a script system in place where we can see everything players spawn in. If you are caught trying to intentionally crash or lag the server, you will be permanently banned.

This is a freeroam server. Do not disturb random players doing their own thing. We mainly focus on chill driving, road trips, testing out cars and similar things of that nature. You are not allowed to phalenx at all.

Phalenxing is against the rules, this may get you punished depending on the severity.
What is phalenx?
Phalenx is a word we have made up which means a person acting relentlessly.
Phalenxing will be considered something like blowing cars up for no reason, throwing grenades at people, killing people over and over, ramming their vehicles into others, and generally acting like a 10-year old. We are a calm and chill freeroam server. Chill out.

Lately there has been a lot of "softcore roleplay", this is okay to do. We are not an official roleplaying server, but everyone can do their own thing. People harassing people doing their own thing is not allowed. This goes along with the other rules above.

We are not a political server or your local kindergarten. You may say and talk about whatever you want. Just make sure you don't break the common courtesy rules under §1.

If you find any bug, crash or any other type of issue, please report it HERE.
You can also try out our #support channel on Discord. You are not allowed to tag an entire group of admins, only one at a time.

Any shape or form of tricking our automated systems such as the autokick for going AFK will result into a punishment.
The severity will depend on several factors such as previous history, and what exactly was done. This is up to the staff member to decide.


Hacking, cheating or any form of using custom menus through scripts such as scriptkiddie will result into a permanent ban.
This ban cannot be appealed, if you get caught cheating or flagged by our automatic anti-cheat system you will stay banned permanently.



§3. In-Game Vehicle Rules

Delete your vehicles when you are finished with them, or leaving the server. It's okay to spawn in a few cars around the map and forgetting about them, but do not spawn in a large number of vehicles at the same spot and leave them there. Delete them when you are finished with your screenshot, event, roleplay, or whatever it is.

Constantly spawning in a few vehicles here and there and forgetting to delete them may one day lead into a punishment. We keep logs, so don't make it a habit.

You can always be in the spawn area, but do not drive around in your car, spawn planes, shoot players or make noise. The spawn area is meant for new players to connect and fix their settings/appearance, players recovering after dying, etc.


§4. Overall Rules

It is against the rules to impersonate a staff member, those doing so will be permanently banned.

Do not threaten other players with a ban, kick or things of similar nature. As a player, you have no rights what so ever to make these call. If you see someone breaking the rules, simply just report them and let our staff members deal with it.

Using more than 1 account to play on our server is illegal. If we find the same serial, IP, hardware ID or steam ID used for more than 1 account we will
permanently ban you.
If you are sharing internet or computer with a friend or relative, notify an Upper Administrator (UAT) about it and get permission
to play with multiple users on the same IP/computer BEFORE we catch you for multi-accounting.

Do NOT DM (Direct Message/PM) staff members about your ban if you've received one. Go to the ban appeal section on the forum and fill out the form there.
More information and links about ban appeals can be found under §1.



Gamesense will constantly and automatically update rules and add new ones.
You and only you are responsible to make sure that you understand these rules, have read them before playing and that you keep up-to-date with newly added/updated rules.
If you are appealing a ban for breaking any of the rules, do not use the excuse that you did not know.

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