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Staff Member Report

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Staff Member Report

Introducing our new staff report function.

If a Moderator, Administrator or any other type of staff member has done something against our rules, like abused their powers or any other major issue that you think they deserve to be punished for. This is where you can report them.

Please note that we take staff reports very seriously.
Wrongly reporting someone without proper reasoning, may cause us to take a punishable action against you.

Only Senior Administrators and the Upper Administration Team are able to view staff reports.
This means that your report will be hidden against the staff member you are reporting, if they are below those ranks.

We will review your report after it has been submitted, and may contact you with further questions that we might have.
You should also be aware that we will not contact or let you know of our outcome.
If the reported staff member were to get punished, we will not inform you of what punishment we have decided to take.
However, we will let you know when we have looked at your report, regardless if we accept or decline it.

The staff report feature can be found under forms, or you can simply click on the link below:


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