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Can i get some help from a staff member that doesnt hate people for no reason


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After playing for a month on this server and getting kicked once in all that time for saying "idiots" this guy kicks me after i said this server is like a kindergarten as a joke and his reason went something like "this server is like a kindergarten, follow the rules or get kicked" which i have been doing for as long as i have been playing and i get kicked for no reason? when i came back i told my friend "i guess saying kindergarten is against the rules" and i get banned "take a brake you have multiple warnings,kicks by various staff members"?? i got kicked 2 times in 10mins without breaking a single rule???, i have been warned maybe 2 times once by ilws because i told a guy "stop or i will report you" because he was ramming, in all this time i have been playing im good with every staff member, theyre all friendly, but this guy, ask him something when hes having a bad day and you get kicked? i saw some other people get kicked for some pointless stuff by him too, everytime someone uses the chat while hes online risks getting banned/kicked for some minor stuff, unban me or dont this admin isnt doing his job right

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