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  1. Hello @HardGamesMaster323, Can't really do much about it since there's no evidence, try to get screenshots if you're not able to record quickly, just make sure that the screenshots are showing his name and that we are able to see that he was indeed ramming you. When no staff is online you can always use the report function and we'll have him under our sight for future offenses. Final verdict: Declined.Â
  2. Hello @CaptainKostaZ, All of them will be warned, next time don't provoke people, if you see someone break the rules just report them, get some evidence and leave, don't start a bigger fire.  Final verdict: Accepted. Best regards, @iLwS
  3. iLwS


    Hello @Trodbol, First of all, you need to change your behaviour if you're going to play on our server, I don't need to give you a warning if the offense is something that people usually get permanently banned for. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for this one, if this happens again you're not coming back to our server.  Final verdict: Accepted. Best regards, @iLwS  Â
  4. Hello @MachtigeNator, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for this one since this is your only infraction. If this happens again, I'm not going to be this kind and the ban will stay.  Final verdict: Accepted.  Best regards, @iLwS Â
  5. iLwS


    Hello @IronMakis, There are multiple reports coming from different players regarding your behaviour. We don't tolerate this type of agressive and cocky behaviour. You also broke multiple other rules, one of them being, constantly speaking Greek and probably swearing as well, I'm not going to go into details because the ban is staying, making another appeal is not going to change anything. Final verdict: Declined. Best regards, @iLwS
  6. Hello @Titanium, Thanks for your report. B0b will be punished accordingly, the other video will require some examination.  Best regards, @iLwS
  7. iLwS


    Hello @Virtual, We are all waiting for your response on how you managed to change your behavior in such a short time and tell us exactly how you're going to act after a potential unban. We didn't receive enough interest from your side towards this matter yet, but as I told you before, I'm expecting a really good explanation.  Best regards, @iLwS
  8. iLwS


    Hello @BABAZ, Thanks for your report, you've got strong evidence that he was ramming multiple people. He was also reported by multiple people in-game. Â Best regards, @iLwS Final verdict: Accepted.
  9. iLwS


    Ban was reverted to the original status. Final verdict: Declined
  10. iLwS


    Hello @Virtual, I'll be taking your appeal today. As you may have seen from my fellow staff members posts, you broke one of our most important rules, "It is restricted to impersonate a staff member, those doing so will be permanently banned." I'll be giving you the benefit of the doubt and reduce your ban to 90 days. Just letting you know this type of behavior is not acceptable in our community and this is your final chance to redeem yourself, I also advise you to review your actions and reduce the toxicity levels in your speech. We are a community and we need to respect eachother.  Best regards, @iLwS
  11. iLwS


    Hello @kokot, I'll be taking your appeal today. First of all, you put absolutely no effort into the appeal, second of all your first ban was only 8 hours, you could've waited it out but you decided to go on Discord and make a big fuss out of it for no reason. You were ramming everyone at a car meet (that's why you got kicked in the first place) then you joined again and you started hunting people on the street with a bulldozer, climbing on their cars. What did you expect when you started ramming everyone? Be congratulated? Final verdict: Declined
  12. iLwS


    You don't have to be such a delicate flower, his record is clean so far, maybe he was actually RP'ing, make threads for serious matters next time you do it. You have my pardon for now, take this as a written warning @whispY_. Final verdict: Declined
  13. iLwS


    Hello @Ricky, You've been warned and kicked multiple times for the same offense, you can wait 3 hours. Best regards, @iLwS Final verdict: Declined.Â
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