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  1. iLwS


    Hello @Ricky, You've been warned and kicked multiple times for the same offense, you can wait 3 hours. Best regards, @iLwS Final verdict: Declined.
  2. iLwS


    Thanks. Make sure to join our Discord for faster responses, you can also share screenshots in there and many other things. Just click the banner on the top.
  3. iLwS


    I mean, if you really want to have them, you can go to our patreon. https://www.patreon.com/Gamesense
  4. iLwS


    I think there are two or three vehicles left that have a siren, I'm not sure, but you can always install a police honk on your cars and pretend. 😉
  5. iLwS


    Hello @Angel, You could've just asked this on our Discord server, police vehicles are restricted to staff and donators currently because people were abusing them. Best regards, @iLwS
  6. iLwS


    Hello @Maksik, Same goes for you and your friend, you have no chance to escape if you do this again, just so you know, we can see everything that you do, so don't try anything if you want to play on the server, this is your last chance. Best regards, @iLwS Final verdict: Accepted.
  7. iLwS


    Hello @makarohki228, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but if I ever catch you do that again you're going to be completely excluded from the community. I hope you understand. Best regards, @iLwS Final verdict: Accepted.
  8. iLwS

    Mike Oxlong

    Hello @Mike Oxlong, You’ve been in numerous arguments with at least three other staff members, always discussing admin / moderator actions without anyone asking for your opinion and ultimately insulting the staff member, you’ve been arguing with normal players as well, ramming them and so on. The next punishment you’re going to take isn’t going to be so light. I suggest you overhaul your behavior. I don't need to explain myself to you, but I'm giving you the evidence as well. Best regards, @iLwS Final decision: Declined
  9. iLwS


    Hello @Romanek, I've told you multiple times that you need to review your behavior, you didn't listen. You tried to avoid getting caught multiple times by changing your name, you got reported on all of your aliases numerous times. You'll take this punishment in full and if you continue breaking the rules, the punishment will be longer and longer each time until you'll be banned permanently. Best regards, @iLwS Final verdict: Declined
  10. iLwS


    Hello, @Mamus100 It appears that you were banned by one of our UAT members for spamming. Is there anything else you would like to say in your defense? Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, @iLwS
  11. iLwS


    Greetings, @alexhd08 You were banned by our AntiCheat system twice from two different IPs because you tried to use a forbidden menu. Final verdict: Declined.
  12. iLwS


    Greetings @ethancool, First of all, the ban was not "extreme" at all, you have multiple offenses under your belt and you are well aware of that. You will stay banned until the 8th of March. I hope this is a good lesson for you and you'll start behaving like a normal player. Also, you didn't put any effort into this ban appeal whatsoever, that could possibly make me change my mind, you might want to keep that into account for any future bans. Final verdict: Declined.
  13. Declined. Lack of interest ( over 7 days have passed ), no effort into the appeal either. Best regards, iLwS
  14. iLwS

    2019 Honda CBR650R

    In-Game name: iLwS Discord User: iLwS#0001 Full name of the vehicle/mod 2019 Honda CBR650R Why do you want this mod? - URL Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-honda-cbr650r-add-on-tuning Does anyone else want this mod? - Which platform are you requesting the mod for? FiveM Freeroam & Chill Type of mod: Normal Vehicle Is this mod already on the server? No Has it been 3 days since your last request? Yes What car do you want to replace it with? Any of the insane lifted trucks
  15. iLwS


    Hello, Post an appeal following the given format. Declined for now.
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