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  • In-Game Name:
  • Date of ban:
  • Ban expiration date:
  • Admin who banned you:
  • Platform:
    Gamesense server
  • Discord name:
    šŸ¦ˆRoman PiromanšŸ¦ˆ#6265
  • Why were you banned:
    I was dumb, and i was thinking ramming is ok for other people...
    I was trolling peoples....
  • Why should you be unbanned:

    Hi Admins
    Im so sorry for my behavior, im really love this serverĀ as well. You can see i can be normalĀ great player at off road ride yesterday, i was 100% good player 0 ramming. Can you give mi last chance, when i broke my last chance you will give me perm ban, can i get last chacne really sorry!
    I think this is the best freeroam server, and when the coronavirus is in my country (Poland) government closed our school, and i dont have nothing to do..., i really love this server you guys best!
    Sorry for my English im from Poland and my English is little :)


  • Evidence:

    Sorry, no :(

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Hello @Romanek,

I've told you multiple times that you need to review yourĀ behavior, you didn't listen. You tried to avoid getting caught multiple timesĀ by changing your name, you got reported on all of your aliases numerous times. You'll take this punishment in fullĀ and if you continue breaking the rules, the punishment will be longer and longer each time until you'll be banned permanently.

Best regards,Ā 


Final verdict:


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