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  1. Romanek


    In-Game Name: romanczyk Date of ban: 25/03/2020 Ban expiration date: permanent Admin who banned you: iLwS Platform: FiveM Discord name: Romańczyk#0101 Why were you banned: I was banned 1 year ago, reason: "Ban has been extended to permanent for spamming, swearing and many more." Why should you be unbanned: I would like to go bac
  2. Romanek


    In-Game Name: Romanek Date of ban: 15.03.20 Ban expiration date: 23.03.20 Admin who banned you: ILws Platform: Gamesense server Discord name: 🦈Roman Piroman🦈#6265 Why were you banned: I was dumb, and i was thinking ramming is ok for other people... I was trolling peoples.... Why should you be unbanned: Hi Admins Im so sorry for
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