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    In-Game Name: Romanek Date of ban: 15.03.20 Ban expiration date: 23.03.20 Admin who banned you: ILws Platform: Gamesense server Discord name: šŸ¦ˆRoman PiromanšŸ¦ˆ#6265 Why were you banned: I was dumb, and i was thinking ramming is ok for other people... I was trolling peoples.... Why should you be unbanned: Hi Admins Im so sorry for my behavior, im really love this server as well. You can see i can be normal great player at off road ride yesterday, i was 100% good player 0 ramming. Can you give mi last chance, when i broke my last chance you will give me perm ban, can i get last chacne really sorry! I think this is the best freeroam server, and when the coronavirus is in my country (Poland) government closed our school, and i dont have nothing to do..., i really love this server you guys best! Sorry for my English im from Poland and my English is little :) Evidence: Sorry, no :(
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