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Possible unban or just not a perma ban

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In-game name: Erik

Date of ban: 24-08-2019

Admin who banned you: Coolstream

Reason for your ban: Beeing rude i guess?


The reason i would love a unban or just not a perm ban is because i was playing on Gamesense since a long time ago and i have always played with the community doing cruises and helping out peeps but mostly we were just enjoying the server and i dont want a perma ban. I kinda understand what ive done wrong and ill stop complaining about everything and if i would get unbanned i would just have fun and just dont argue with admins thats something ive learned. 

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Hi, I'll be taking your appeal.

Just to clarify, you logged off before I could ban you as well. Coolstream only applied the offline ban since I was busy. So technically I am the admin who banned you.

Now that we got all of that out of the way, I'll be sending a link to another appeal where I address both you and your friend.

You were not as bad as your friend, and you haven't been private messaging me on every platform there is, unlike your friend.
iDragonash has been messaging and harrassing me in private messages on both Discord and the Forums, plus what he did in-game was also worse than what you did.

Since you were just defending your friend, which is something I can understand. I will go much easier on you, as it is iDragonash that is the main offender here.

However, you did put your nose where it don't belong, and you did also break server rule #7.
As I promised above, I'll go easy on you and reduce your ban from 1 month to a 3-day ban starting from now.
The 3-day ban is justified from your breaking of server rule #7.





Final Verdict of this appeal:
Appeal Approved.
Reduced ban from 1 month to a 3-day period.

You will be unbanned: 28.08.2019 @ 15:25 CET

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