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    Hello @Takinoo, I am Head Administrator ajnin and I will be reviewing your Ban Appeal. First of all, it was not PimiZi that banned you, it was Admin Deathless Pepsi that banned you. You were banned for the following reason: Rule ยง2.1. You are not allowed to crash, or attempt to crash the server of any sort. We take this rule seriously because you are actively trying to cause lag and crashing the server, it's essentially an attack. I was there at the time of the ban, I saw you spawning the following vehicles inside of the aircraft carrier repeatedly which causes lag: TAV-37 Valkyrie SSTO Shuttle Featherlight Custom Hauler I can safely say that you were doing it on purpose. Even if it wasn't you, as you claimed in your appeal that "a friend played on my account and probably made nonsense", it is your responsibility to know who and what the person on your PC would be doing so this kind of stuff wouldn't even happen in the first place. In addition, there is a lack of effort and evidence put into this appeal. You will remain banned for the time being. Final Verdict: Declined ~Actively trying to Cause lag/crash to the server ~Lack of evidence and effort put into appeal
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