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  1. In-Game Name: haloge.exe Date of ban: 28.11.2020 Ban expiration date: permanent Admin who banned you: TRAVIS SCOTT Platform: FiveM Discord name: DaRealHalog#7144 Why were you banned: For Breaking Rule 2.8 Why should you be unbanned: I got banned for violating server rules. 2.8 At about 5:40 pm, the Modder Swarley randomly distributed weapons to everyone after I saw messages in the lower left corner of the screen stating that they had given me a weapon. Then he wrote to the global chat: - Admins Help me to which in response I was banned on the Gamesense server. I wanted the admins to take the weapon away from me, but in the end, the TRAVIS SCOTT administrator banned me forever Evidence:
  2. In-Game Name: Halogen.exe Date of ban: 15.07.2020 Ban expiration date: 07.22.2020 Admin who banned you: TheRealSiri Platform: Freeroam Discord name: xI like Iso Why were you banned: addressed to TheRealSiri Why should you be unbanned: Why u banned me, I wanted to write a message in English but did not see what I was writing in Russian.I have 3 langues on my pc + when im typing message im look only at keyboard.+ it was impossible to write a warning first, but you banned me immediately without any warning (and sorry i bad know english) (screenshot subject)Â you did not tell me, Stop lying Evidence:
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