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  1. In-game name: The_Reaper Player's in-game name: Firez Platform (Freeroam/RP): Freeroam Date of incident: 21/08/2019 Reason for reporting: Harassment, trying to have a chill ride with my friend n he blows me up Evidence/proof: You can see him shooting a rocket at my friend with his opresor (even have a video but idk how to access it)
  2. In-game name: The_Reaper Date of ban: 18.08.2019 Admin who banned me: Piloten Reason for my ban: Speaking Russian In Chat Platform (Freeroam/RP): Freeroam Why should i be unbanned: I Only Did It To Inform A Russian Player (In Proximity) That He Will Get Banned If He Speaks Russian
  3. IGN: The_Reaper Banned by: Piloten Reason: Speaking Russian in chat Ban time: 3 hours due to lack of intel I kindly asked a Russian player not to speak Russian IN Russian because he wouldn't understand English, I only intended to help
  4. The_Reaper

    Ban Appeal

    Date of ban: 09.08.2019 Admin who banned me: meklx Ingame name: The_Reaper_245 Reason for my ban stated: flooding chat (I simply gave replies to ppl asking me things or calling me names)Â I got 2 days free time n 3 days ban...promise not to use chat at all, feel free to ban me again if I do just please unban me now..
  5. I simply got mad cuz I was eager to color my car n go to bed asap cuz I got work tmrw n 2 free days after but they wouldn't change it to day time for over 30 mins so I can see the color (odd error, don't ask), got banned for 3 days.. that's literally killing my free time, id gladly appreciate it if I could get unbanned now n promise I wont use chat anymore since that`s the reason I was banned for..and yes it was a foolish reason to be mad so I sincerely apologize
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