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  • In-Game Name:
  • Date of ban:
    19 dec 2020
  • Ban expiration date:
    1 jan 2021
  • Admin who banned you:
  • Platform:
  • Discord name:
  • Why were you banned:
    vehicle spam
  • Why should you be unbanned:


    it was not my intention

  • Evidence:


    I thought I wouldn't be banned but I was

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I'll handle your appeal.

You've put absolutely zero effort into this appeal, so why should I put any effort into handling it?
The ban isn't even that long for what you did, so count your blessings instead.

Next time, read the rules and use your head before spam spawning vehicles which could end up potentially crashing the server.

Final verdict:
- Your ban stays until 01-Jan-2020

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