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Your in-game name: Filemun
Player's in-game name: Croqeahati
Platform (Freeroam/RP): Freeroam
Date of incident (DD/MM/YYYY): 11.08.2020
Reason for reporting: During a quiet game on the server with my friend this player showed up and started to run over us, kill us and smash our cars / ram.
When the Moderator appeared on the server, the player immediately left him, when the moderator left again, he re-entered and the situation repeated about 4 times.
I am not sure if I wrote the application correctly at the request of the Moderator Vignjevicc55 because I have been on this forum for a short time and I do not understand everything :)
Evidence/proof: Screenshots of chat (exits and joining)



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Hello, @Filemun.

I have seen this case carefully, I have to tell you that there is not enough proof to take any action. Thanks for reporting and taking your time next time please make sure to find some type of evidence for example you getting rammed.


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