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  1. In-Game Name: MagicalPancake Date of ban: 04/07/2020 Ban expiration date: 05/07/2020 Admin who banned you: RunStar Platform: Gamesense Freeroam and Chill. Discord name: Magical Pancake Why were you banned: Placing cars on the nurburgring, forgetting to turn on delete vehicles when spawning Why should you be unbanned: So. I got 1 ban already for ramming. Which is cool for me now cuz it's only 3 days. So I've been playing with a friend on the nurburgring, racing and spawning different cars to do crash ourselves miles away if you know what i mean lol. I forgot to turn on ''delete when spawning new vehicle'' on the vehicle spawner option and after a while teleported myself to lsia. Then my friend asked me to watch his hotlaps on asseto corsa via livestream and i watched it. I was still on the server but minimized the window of FiveM so if there has been a warning, I wouldn't have seen it and I apologize if there was a warning. After a while i wanted to get back on but there was an error where I thougt:''Oh well, was afk for too long'' until I red I got banned!!! I was, oh ok, only a day until i realized it's for A MONTH! JUST for spawning too many cars and forgetting to delete them? I know, I hate it too when ppl spawn cars all the time but don't delete them but I was too focused on ramming my friend all the time so I don't loose time to continue the derby. I would be cool with 1 day and such cuz ik it's annoying and then there has to be a vehicle delete just to delete my cars... But 1 month? Evidence: I was afk and watched my friend doing hotlaps on asseta corsa (another racing game) via discord livestream. Like i said before, I closed the FiveM window and like I said if somebody has told me to delete cars or that I got a warning, I really couldn't have seen it. Ask (disc name) EhrenloserHund88 for proof that I was watching his livestream while being afk on FiveM.
  2. In-Game name: Magical Pancake Discord User: MagicalPancake Full name of the vehicle/mod Smart ForTwo Why do you want this mod? It's funny to drive around in a smart with some bros. We sometimes do fights on top of the maze bank tower and the car is perfect for it. Also the whole concept is funny so why not add a smart but u have a VW beetle. URL Link: https://de.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2012-smart-fortwo Does anyone else want this mod? Yes my friends Which platform are you requesting the mod for? FiveM Freeroam & Chill Type of mod: Normal Vehicle Is this mod already on the server? No Has it been 3 days since your last request? No What car do you want to replace it with? VW Beetle
  3. Bruh, someone Fr said its fine wtf is this crap.
  4. Ik that, and tf u talking about?! I didn't fucking lie.
  5. Because the player I rammed said it's fine cuz I left the area. So idek why ya'll still spectated me.
  6. Let's just think about it, I even agreed that I rammed him. I did NOT teleport away so u wouldn't spectate me. That's not true at all. I teleported me to my friend.
  7. Bruh, idk what to write then. Only thing I can say is cuz I did some bullshit and felt sorry afterwards. So idek I'm a dude with no arguments.
  8. Alright, I red them and sorry for that, someone told me that admins need to warn... Ty for unbanning tho
  9. In-game name: MagicalPancake Date of ban: Friday 03/10/19 Admin who banned you: I actually don't remember the name anymore... But he was written "Mer..." I don't remember more, sorry... Reason for your ban: I rammed 1 players car with a Mercedes Actros truck. Platform (Freeroam/RP): Freeroam & chill Why should you be unbanned: I let off after I rammed him immediately, I didn't get any warnings from any Admin, player said it was fine cuz I let off and other Admin said "he looks OK to me, won't spectate him". But I got banned 5 min after.
  10. And NO warnings have been issued And yes, I'm the writer of this post And I joined gamesense on Wednesday.
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