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  1. Bruh, someone Fr said its fine wtf is this crap.
  2. Ik that, and tf u talking about?! I didn't fucking lie.
  3. Because the player I rammed said it's fine cuz I left the area. So idek why ya'll still spectated me.
  4. Let's just think about it, I even agreed that I rammed him. I did NOT teleport away so u wouldn't spectate me. That's not true at all. I teleported me to my friend.
  5. Bruh, idk what to write then. Only thing I can say is cuz I did some bullshit and felt sorry afterwards. So idek I'm a dude with no arguments.
  6. Alright, I red them and sorry for that, someone told me that admins need to warn... Ty for unbanning tho
  7. In-game name: MagicalPancake Date of ban: Friday 03/10/19 Admin who banned you: I actually don't remember the name anymore... But he was written "Mer..." I don't remember more, sorry... Reason for your ban: I rammed 1 players car with a Mercedes Actros truck. Platform (Freeroam/RP): Freeroam & chill Why should you be unbanned: I let off after I rammed him immediately, I didn't get any warnings from any Admin, player said it was fine cuz I let off and other Admin said "he looks OK to me, won't spectate him". But I got banned 5 min after.
  8. And NO warnings have been issued And yes, I'm the writer of this post And I joined gamesense on Wednesday.
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