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    okay mate thank you, you sure will see me on that server and thank you for replying. im sorry about my actions but the only reason i argued because if someone hits me on accident i dont really care, but when i hit someone they go "omg what u doing" or "stop doing it" then i have to tell them to shut up becasue its so annoying, but away from the point, thank you for replying, i will be back streaming the server tomorrow  thank you AC
  2. MaloExe


    do u want me to show you the clip?
  3. MaloExe


    ohh, i didnt see this before, it expires on 8,6,2020 issues by deathless pepsi Â
  4. MaloExe


    In-Game Name: Twitch.Tv/MaloExe Date of ban: 6/8/2020 Ban expiration date: dunno Admin who banned you: dunno Platform: pc Discord name: AC#2898 Why were you banned: i have the clip of me and my mates messing around in a titan, not bothering anyone, messing around having fun, then i get banned, please if u want to see if message my discord and i will show you Why should you be unbanned: https://streamable.com/3n9p7o i play and stream this server alot and i woud like to be unbanned because i dont feel my ban was needed or nessecary for i did nothing at all   https://streamable.com/3n9p7o https://streamable.com/3n9p7o https://streamable.com/3n9p7o Evidence: https://streamable.com/3n9p7o
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