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    @Piloten @Deathless_Pepsi I would like to be unbanned because I like this server very much and I will not disturb or interrupt anyone anymore, sorry Â
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    In-Game Name: Pincet_Dawaj Date of ban: 08.04.2020 Ban expiration date: Permanent Admin who banned you: Deathless Pepsi Platform: Freeroam server Discord name: Diabeł Sendy Why were you banned: Ban Reason: Rule 2.3 Phalenxing. You had enough time on our server buddy its time for Permaban. Large history of breaking our server rules, staff is warning you and you keep doing your thing. for forums, but i'll be handling ur appeal so you better write something magical to remind me. B Why should you be unbanned: Got a stupid situation because my idiot brother was playing on my computer when i went to the toilet and come back and look and i got banned so i'm asking you to be unbidden Evidence:
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