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  • Admin who banned you:
  • Platform:
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  • Why were you banned:
    i realy dont know the reason why, becouse im not only user who use computer. Just wanna have some fun in Gamesens and sudenly get the message that show my im banned.
  • Why should you be unbanned:

    Is. possible to unban me, regard

  • Evidence:
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Greeting @pogi.
I am Lead Administrator PimiZi.
After reviewing your ban appeal, I have decided to decline your appeal.

First, your appeal is really weak and you put no effort in it.

In addition, your history is full of warnings, kicks and bans. To be exact, you got banned 5 times already. Every ban with the same reason:
 - Breaching our rule 2.2. and 2.3. -
Which is also the reason why you were banned.
It seems you simply don't care about our rules and the other players on our server. In your appeal you are commenting, you want to have some fun on Gamesense, but at the same time you were disturbing our community with ramming - making it unplayable for them. Isn't that a bit contradictory?

Besides that, you are breaking the rule 4.3.
The rule says: "If you are sharing internet or computer with a friend or relative, notify an Upper Administrator (UAT) about it and get permission to play with multiple users on the same IP/computer BEFORE we catch you for multi-accounting."

So, summarizing all of the given reasons, I am going to decline your ban appeal.

Final Verdict:


Sincerely, PimiZi.
Upper Administration Team

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