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Major Update (v3.0.0) | July 16th 2020

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Major Update (v3.0.0) | July 16th 2020


It's time for another update!
Due to extremely high activity and constant high server queues, we've decided to open up another Gamesense Freeroam & Chill server.
This is basically a replica of the current freeroam server, but does also come with a few minor changes.

What's Different?

  • Instead of using real life time (currently set to european standard on main server), we will be using the standard timecycle of GTA Online.
    Note that the main server will stay unchanged, this is only for the new server.
  • Minor updates to the Gamesense watermarks.
  • Vehicle plates has been added back.
  • Updated and added in #status on our Discord server.
  • Connect to IP: freeroam.gamesense.eu:40120


Please understand that this is not the main server, but an added option for those who don't wish to sit in longer queues.
Everything works the same in-game as on our main server, but /report may be slower if there are no moderators/administrators on the 2nd server.
We will try our best to spread staff members on both servers when populated and needed.

Our 2nd freeroam server will also be an experiment to our systems to see what it can handle, but we don't expect any issues what so ever.
We will also monitor over time how popular and full this 2nd server becomes, if people still choose to sit in hour long queues to enter the main server, that would eliminate the whole purpose.
Nothing changes account-wise, if you get banned from one server, it will apply to both.
If you're a donator, of course you will have all your perks on both servers as well.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below or on our Discord server.


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