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Your in-game name: Mathias
Player's in-game name: IRILLAZEN56
Platform (Freeroam/RP):Freeroam
Date of incident (DD/MM/YYYY): 19/06/2020
Reason for reporting: so this guy (IRILLAZEN56) and someone else stole from this dealership that was open at the time. They had left there bugatti outside of the dealership
so i decided to take there car because karma its a bitch right... anyways he did not stop ramming at all he was trying to keep any chance he had to hit me he woald take, it 
he kept on gouing all the way too polito bay at that point. in the end i just left because he was just being an asshole. 
vidence/proof: (sorry that i took a video with my phone) first time reporting someone if the vid dossnt work ill send it over on discord



Edited by Mathias
added 2 move videos*(sorry first time!)
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Hello @Mathias,


Thank you for the report, he will be punished according to rules.


Final verdict:


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