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Nissan Skyline HCR32 [Add-On | Tuning]

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  • In-Game name:
  • Discord User:
  • Full name of the vehicle/mod
    Nissan Skyline HCR32 [Add-On | Tuning]
  • Why do you want this mod?
    I would like this mod, as i am into my JDM saloon cars, and this is one of my favs, i would enjoy it, and many others will enjoy this also, it has a lot of customization, could be fun car to cruise in!
  • URL Link:
  • Does anyone else want this mod?
  • Which platform are you requesting the mod for?
    FiveM Freeroam & Chill
  • Type of mod:
    Normal Vehicle
  • Is this mod already on the server?
  • Has it been 3 days since your last request?
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