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Mike Oxlong

Mike Oxlong

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  • In-Game Name:
    Dixie Normous
  • Date of ban:
  • Ban expiration date:
  • Admin who banned you:
  • Platform:
    Freeroam server
  • Discord name:
    Dixie Normous#0690
  • Why were you banned:
    i got too cocky for some reason and i lightly insulted an admin
  • Why should you be unbanned:

    Because im generally a pretty peaceful player and don't freak around with admins that much. I was just pretty angry with some friends on discord and i don't know, i just became a little bit cocky with an admin because he kicked a player who was in an offline session. He could've just tell him to reconnect from the misc settings but it's whatever am i right, it's a pretty ridiculous reason to kick someone, but it's not my bussines after all, he's just doing whatever he thinks it's right 

  • Evidence:

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Hello @Mike Oxlong,

You’ve been in numerous arguments with at least three other staff members, always discussing admin / moderator actions without anyone asking for your opinion and ultimately insulting the staff member, you’ve been arguing with normal players as well, ramming them and so on. The next punishment you’re going to take isn’t going to be so light. I suggest you overhaul your behavior. I don't need to explain myself to you, but I'm giving you the evidence as well. 

Best regards,


Final decision:



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