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ban ? ? for real, can i know why?

george bush

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im not even asking for an unban. im asking for a reason WHY you banned me, and WHY you said i should have been banned earlier, and WHAT i did..

you cant just warn anyone when they're not doing anything, telling them to stop breaking the rules, and when they ask what they're doing, you tell them to stop talking


imagine you're following the speed limit at a highway, an officer stops you right? he tells you, stop doing that, or you lose your license, you ask stop doing what(?) and he wont tell you

you keep following the speed limit and you lose your license


your logic literally makes 0 sense and you cant even back it up. You even refuse to get in a discord voice chat with me after telling me not to write in chat, then ban me.


PLEASE, be mature and give me a real reason as why you banned me and dont just close the thread and archive it. :D!

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Greetings @george bush

I just checked up your account history, and I found this:

2019-10-16 17_56_43-Window.png
2019-10-16 17_57_47-Window.png

Seems like you have quite a valid reason to be banned, if you'd like to appeal your ban you can always read up on how to do it here:

Are the three admins that have taken the most actions against your account in the past, I'm sure they have something to add here as well.

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