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unban or reduce please

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In-game name: [くたばれ]-Demon-[RO]
Date of ban: 06.09.2019
Admin who banned you: Coolstream
Reason for your ban: scripthook bypass ???? (Coolstream edit: "Cheating / Scripthook bypass")
Platform (Freeroam/RP): Freeroam
Why should you be unbanned: I had a conversation with Coolstream about that, and I am sincerly sorry for what I did but it's not a scripthook bypass
it's not an exploit either... It's just a mistake of who did the setup of the vMenu, and it's a problem of vMenu and GTA source codes.
I told Coolstream what was that about in hope of an action for it's solution....
I just want to play on the server because I need a stress release from work and I want a game that doesn't make you grind for variety.
I regret what I did and that's the reason I am willing to cooperate on future discovery of bugs exploits or just simple vMenu problems.
Edited by Coolstream
Added actual reason for ban in quotes, everything else unchanged

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Any form of cheating on our platform, bug exploiting, script abusing or similar things will cause an instant permanent ban without the possibility of appeal.
You will never be unbanned, please do not make more appeals in the future. You are permanently banned from our community.

I wish you good luck on your future endeavours.


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