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Mercedes-Benz B63S Brabus Widestar

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  • In-Game name:
    Patrick Vital
  • Discord User:
  • Full name of the vehicle/mod
    Mercedes-Benz B63S Brabus Widestar
  • Why do you want this mod?
    there is no Brabus Gangsta SUV like that on the server, this car could be very great for some gangsta situation
  • URL Link:
  • Reason for your request:
    This insane car could be very appreciate
  • Does anyone else want this mod?
  • How many mods have you requested in the past 72 hours?
  • Which platform are you requesting the mod for?
    FiveM Freeroam & Chill
  • Type of mod:
    Normal Vehicle
  • Is this mod already on the server?

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