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Gamesense Drift Event


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Gamesense Drift Event



We will be hosting a drift event, tournament style.
Anyone can sign up, but you have to do it by Wednesday, 27th of October.
To sign up for this event, please go to the #💬event_signup channel on Discord.
Click on "Create ticket" and let us know you want to sign up for the event, and which 3 cars you'll want to pick.
We will then come back to you with more information later, when you will be competing, etc.
There will be a maximum of 16 slots, so if more than 16 people sign up, we will be having a qualifier a few days prior.


The event will begin on Friday 29th of October, 20:00 (8:00pm) CEST (Central European Summer Time)
(7:00pm UK), (2:00pm EST)



The drifting will happen at one of our current tracks, and you will be competing against each other 1v1.
That means 2 people at the track at the same time.
The matchups will be generated randomly, and will be announced one day prior to the event

First 3 places: gold - silver - bronze will be receiving actual prices and rewards.
The rewards will be announced later.

The entire event will be filmed and recorded, and will be made into an event video on our YouTube channel.

You can pick 3 cars of your own choosing, and use any of the car during your turn.
You can use the same car multiple times, or swap between your 3 chosen cars as much as you'd like.
You are allowed to use any tool to help your drift, such as the Handling Editor (F7), or Multipliers in vMenu (M).

These car categories will not be allowed:
- Super/Hyper/F1
- Stock GTA
- Vans/Utility/Trucks/Emergency/Military/Etc...
- SUVs/Pickup Trucks
- Any vehicle considered troll in general



The judges of this event will be:
Each judge will be giving out points from 1-10 individually.
The contestant that receives the most points in total from all three judges, advances forward.
If you lose, you are out of the tournament.

If you just wish to spectate the event, we will be streaming this live in the event channel in our discord server.
Regular players in this channel will be muted by default.




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