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2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach

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"An All-Around Impressive Achievement"

                                                              -Richard Hammond, Top Gear UK, 2014




Performance, Electrified. A controversial topic in the world of cars. Hybrid Systems have been a thing for a century, and more. Being the first one made in 1898, none other by Ferdinand Porsche, with extra help by Jacob Lohner himself. But only in the recent years has Hybrid Drivetrains been used in Mass Productions. Cars like the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, and the Hyundai Elantra LPI Hybrid, are all Hybrid Powered Vehicles. All of which were made in the name of Environmentally Friendliness. But what if it was used, not only for saving the planet, but also for breaking track records? Dominating the Asphalt with torque that hits harder than any Non-Hybrids could ever do.

That's what came into Porsche's mind when they made the 918 Spyder. The Second Member of The Holy Trinity. A car that lapped the Nürburging Nordschleife in a mind-blistering 6 Minutes, 57 Seconds (6:57), before Hybrids were even introduced to Entry Level Supercars. With it's 875hp Output, this car has lapped the Nordschleife faster than an LFA, a Gumpert Apollo, or even a Zonda.




What makes this car special, is the fact that the whole project started with the Porsche RS Spyder LMP2's V8 Engine. Much like the CGT, The 918 Spyder derives it's engine from a race car. Based on the 3.4l V8, then bored out to 4.6l. Of which pulls out a more-than-decent 608hp (453kw) and 398ft-lb (539nm) of torque. And that doesn't even have the Electric Motors yet. Combine both, and you get a glorious 875hp (652kw) and 944ft-lb (1,280nm) all put down on the road. Use that power with it's sophisticated Launch Control System, and it can go from 0-60mph in 2.5 Seconds flat. Wish to go faster than 60mph? Use the 918's 7-Speed Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (Or PDK, if you want to read it easier.) and keep running until you hit the top speed of 214mph (345kmh), preferably on the track... or the Autobahn.




This car, being the second member of the Holy Trinity, has it's own quirks compared to the other members of the collection. A removable roof, a Four-Wheel-Drive system, and a unique infotainment system that is leagues better compared to McLaren P1's infotainment system. That doesn't mean this is the best though. Some may argue it's the LaFerrari, some would say it's the P1. But for me? All are beautiful in it's own way. But given the chance? I would definitely take this over any of them.




Anyway, this car has an exhaust system not commonly found in any road cars available in the market. Mounted directly above the engine, it can spit flames that's hotter than Margot Robbie. Then after the engine, lies a full carbon fibre Active Spoiler that costs more than a used MR2 Spider. What about the rear bumpers, you ask? Well. It's not just the bumpers, Spoilers, and Exhaust Housing that are made from Carbon Fibre, but even the monocoque itself is a whole carbon piece.

The costs of any cosmetic maintenance-related issue with this car is enough to put your entire family's generation in debt. Any issues with the engine or the hybrid system? It will put your entire country bankrupt... well not really, but you get the point. 

Want to buy one? You better be ready for a hefty asking price. Price ranges from $900,000 to $1.4m. If you want a Weissach Package Equipped 918, like the one shown, you can look up to $1.8m bill at most.




Don't be fooled, though. Even if this car has one of the most technologically advanced. Turn off all assists, and it will bite back. Porsches have been known to be very demanding when it comes to driver skills. Motorsport-Derived Components, Power capable of running an entire football field in less than a second at V-Max? This car will need all your capability, for it to reach it's maximum capability.



So what do we think of this car? Well, it's easy to answer that question. It's a beautiful piece of engineering art. A car that deserves to be put into the history books, along with it's holy friends. This is the Future. Electrification.


Perfomance, is now Electrified.



Written by: @warpspeedvincent

July 29th, 2021.

Information taken from Wikipedia, Top Gear UK (BBC), Motortrend, and others.

All Rights Reserved.

















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