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  • In-Game Name:
  • Date of ban:
  • Ban expiration date:
  • Admin who banned you:
  • Platform:
  • Discord name:
    patkolo #3072
  • Why were you banned:
    bc i have posted just one stupid NSFW meme
  • Why should you be unbanned:

    bc i love that comunity and i like posting car photos 

  • Evidence:
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Greetings @patkolo,
I am Lead Administrator PimiZi.
After reviewing your ban appeal, I have decided to approve your appeal.

The one "stupid " NSFW meme is against our rules and as much as I remember it was a really gross video. And you are banned on our discord not on your stated platform FiveM.

But, anyway, although your appeal lacks effort, I am going to approve your ban appeal.
The next time you violate our rules, you will get punished according to our rules again, without being able to appeal.

You can join our Discord server again with this link: https://gamesense.eu/discord


Final Verdict:



Sincerely, PimiZi.
Upper Administration Team

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