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Honda City Turbo II

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  • Full name of the vehicle/mod
    Honda City Turbo II
  • Why do you want this mod?
    The Honda City Turbo II is a staple of JDM car enthusiast culture. It's an iconic japanese hot hatchback with box flared arches, a factory turbocharger and a 50cc folding motorcycle in the back. What's not to love?

    (This mod comes with an extra vehicle, which is the Honda Motocompo. This is the motorcycle that was an option that was stored in the back of the car. I get that this technically makes this two vehicle requests so you can always add just the car. However, it'd be great to be able to have them both as a combo.)
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  • Does anyone else want this mod?
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    Normal Vehicle
  • Is this mod already on the server?
  • Has it been 3 days since your last request?
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