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  • In-Game Name:
  • Date of ban:
    22/12/2020 12:13 PM CET
  • Ban expiration date:
    20/02/2021 12:13 PM CET
  • Admin who banned you:
  • Platform:
  • Discord name:
  • Why were you banned:

    I wrote to / me in another language
  • Why should you be unbanned:


    Because I wouldn't do it anymore and I enjoy playing on that server. And I apologize for that. I have a bad grammar

    Thank you.

  • Evidence:


    I don't know what proof to give that I won't do it, but just believe me. Pleaseimage.thumb.png.aef56a2ce63227972b700cce95726b94.png

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Greetings, @PattaCZ
I'm 2jake from the Senior Admin Team and I'll be handling your appeal today

First of all, horrible application there is no sign of any effort to get unbanned. So why would I?

Second thing is that you have no evidence to disprove that you should get the time reduced or get the ban removed

And third and last thing, your history on our server is not the best you got alot of warnings about the same infraction.

Anyway I will give you one more chance to give a better excuse to why, you want to be unbanned on Gamesense 

I'd also like to hear what @Zeppskillzhas to say, as the banning admin.

Regards, 2jake

General Administration TeamSenior Admin




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Good afternoon, @PattaCZ and @2jake

I am Trial Administrator Zeppskillz. There is not much to say, you have couple of punishments for speaking in an other language, basically every warn, kick, ban is for other language, besides one warn. 

Effort in the application is zero, you clearly used translator even in the appeal, that seems like you still dont understand English language clearly.

Why ban on 2months without warning and kicking you? Simply, i was looking on chat logs as always, opened your profile on the panel and could clearly see how are you breaking this rule once again. In that time you already had 3 bans for this, even 2 of them from Coolstream. So i decided there is not much to talk about and a bit longer ban should help you, to understand this rule. 

With these couple of punishments, he should endure his ban till expiration. Thats all from my side. 

Regards, Zeppskillz 

General Administration Team (GAT)

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After reviewing this appeal, and hearing from only one of the two parties involved - I've decided to [DECLINED] your appeal.
The reason why im declining the ban appeal, is because we gave you a second chance to make a better reason, why you should be unbanned or reduce the time, but unfortunately you didn't

Final Verdict:

(Remember when you join the server again. English only!)

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