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  • In-Game Name:
  • Date of ban:
    22/12/2020 01:38 PM CET
  • Ban expiration date:
    03/02/2021 01:38 PM CET
  • Admin who banned you:
  • Platform:
  • Discord name:
  • Why were you banned:
    So what happened was I made a offroad rideout, one guy came with a police car, then he drove to a mountain to 2people, they took buses, and started raising and doing shit around( ok I decided that no one wants to drive alright), I left, I made Jdm meet, he came with a I don't remember car, then he changed it to Audi rs6 and parked, I got upset because its annoying when people come with randoms cars to like Jdm meet. i said Get the fuck out of here, and then he said something and left. I reported him. He didn't listen to admin and still was parked then I said that. After 5mins, Vignjevic said something about what I said. I said I don't care , its not my problem that he comes with a wrong car and ruins the meet. twice, and its not first time he comes with wrong car... Then he said again something , almost that I was saying something about admins. Ok, I stopped texting and just flew a jet. Then I come back 2-3hours later I have a ban for "Since you dont want to stop arguing, complaining and harrasing players and staff members this needed to happen". First of all, I didn't say shit about admins!!! Secondly its fucking annoying that people come to meet with wrong cars all the time and admins don't give a shit,or the players don't give a shit. Yes I understand that he's a donator but it doesn't mean he can do shit and almost troll meets so tf???? I'm sorry that I said "get the fuck out of here" But that's only what I said. And if u'r the admin which I was racing rally then I understand why u ban me for no reason!! :)) Btw he gave me a warning :) And I didn't say shit so :)))))
  • Why should you be unbanned:

    ok, I'm sorry for saying that to that guy. But it was 70% false ban, because i didn't say shit anything about staff and other players only this guy so I mean what tf???  And I didn't even argue.. I mean WOW

  • Evidence:
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Hello @Traden
I'll be handling this appeal.
Since you didn't clarify the ban message under the "why were you banned" tab, I'll post it here to remove all confusion.

You were banned for:
Breaking rule(s) §1 , §2.2 , §2.3. - Since you dont want to stop arguing, complaining and harrasing players and staff members this needed to happen, hope this will teach you how to act on our server. Read the rules once again and calm down, i'd like to see your progress after this ban expires. Happy new year/christmas and have fun with your dearest around you.

You claim that this ban is "70% false", however I'll explain it to you how and why that isn't the case.

Here are some chatlogs:

You were banned for arguing, complaining and harassing players.
The chatlogs above clearly shows that, so I don't see how this ban is "70% false.".
Normally this alone wouldn't get you banned for this long, so I can understand your confusion and I'll clear that up for you as well.

Here is a screenshot of your history:


As you can see, you've been warned, kicked and banned several times in the past already.
Clearly you don't listen or care at all, so this ban was just overdo after a long time of harassing people.

You are also swearing and cursing in your ban appeal, which doesn't help your case at all.
I can't take your appeal or apology sincere at all, and I think you need to sit out this longer ban for the first time.
Due to all of these reasons, I'm going to decline your ban appeal. Hopefully when you return, you will have calmed down a bit.



Final Verdict:
- Your ban will expire 03-Feb-2021 as original.

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