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Update (v3.1.0) | August 19th 2020

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Update (v3.1.0) | August 19th 2020



In this new update we mainly bring new things for you to explore in-game!
This includes everything from bars, clubs, houses, restaurants, hotel, shops, secret underground buildings, and much more.
This update is exempt for all the vehicles that continuously is being added by @Coolstream
If you'd like a list of those, make sure you check out our #updates channel on Discord.

Not a member of our Discord community? Click the link below to join!

We'd also like to announce the winner of our screenshot/artwork competition: @Azertz.
Although there was a lot of good screenshots submitted by both players and staff members, we feel like Azerts put the most effort and provided the most content for this competition.
He also had the most votes by our community!

The Winning Images
win_1.jpg win_2.jpg
By: @Azertz.

These two images will now be available as our forum background!
Click on the picture button next to your username to choose them as your wallpaper.


Future Events
We are also planning on making some weekend events in the future.
This could be anything from car meets, mechanical workshop RP, yacht parties, beach parties, special car theme competition, racing competition, etc.
Some of these events could even feature actual prices for the winners.
Stay tuned, if this is something you'd like to see happen later on.


Below is a list of all the new buildings and interiors we added with this update, if you'd like to check those out.
Every new building comes with a new map blip, it's recommended to check them out in-game!




Comedy Club - Paleto Bay







Recording Studio - Sandy ShoresRecording_Studio_somewherelse.jpg






New Apartment - Los Santos
This is located right across the street from the regular strip club in Los Santos.







Secret Grove Street Basement - Los Santos
What's inside this door? You'd better go check out yourself!











Court Building - Los SantosCourts_Building.jpg







Gang Clubhouse - Los Santos
What's inside this door? You'd better go check out yourself!Unknown.jpg






Chop shop - Los Santos
The gate inside opens up. Can double as a mechanic workshop.







Tim Hortons - Los Santos
A place to eat.







Mirror Park Tavern - Los SantosMirror_Park_Tavern.jpg






Liberty City Pizza - Los SantosLiberty_Style_Pizza.jpg






Vespucci House - Los Santos






Pearls Seafood Restaurant - Los Santos
Located at the pier, this place is just simply amazing!
It offers so much to see inside the interior, with different rooms and a place on the backside with an ocean view.
Highly recommended that you check this place out!







Recording Studio - Los Santos
Another recording studio, you can find this by going to the music note blip in Los Santos.







The Cherry Popper - Los Santos
An ice cream shop!







Vinewood Hills House - Los Santos
This house will have a regular house blip up in the Vinewood Hills, it has a lot to see interior-wise!







The Continental Hotel - Los Santos
You can find this, by looking for this blip icon in Los Santos: The_Continental_Hotel_1.jpg








Split Sides West - Los Santos
A comedy club located in Los Santos, look for this blip if you wish to find it: Split_Sides_West_Comedy_Club_1.jpg


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