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  • In-Game Name:
  • Date of ban:
  • Ban expiration date:
  • Admin who banned you:
    Deathless Pepsi
  • Platform:
    Freeroam server
  • Discord name:
    Diabeł Sendy
  • Why were you banned:
    Ban Reason: Rule 2.3 Phalenxing. You had enough time on our server buddy its time for Permaban. Large history of breaking our server rules, staff is warning you and you keep doing your thing. for forums, but i'll be handling ur appeal so you better write something magical to remind me.
  • Why should you be unbanned:

    Got a stupid situation because my idiot brother was playing on my computer when i went to the toilet and come back and look and i got banned so i'm asking you to be unbidden

  • Evidence:


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Hello @vojtass10
I'll be taking this appeal as a neutral third party member.
First of all, your appeal makes no sense. Seems to me you can't even write proper English, or take 10 minutes of your time to make a decent appeal.
Letting your brother play on your account in the first place, is already against our rules - which I assume you have read before playing, right?

Secondly, you have one of the worst account histories I've ever seen. It's a wonder you haven't been permanently banned already before.
You have 9 warnings, and 4 kicks. Now, this is bad enough, a ban should have been due a long time ago.
If you take a look at your ban history, you've even been banned for the exact same reason in the past.

You've clearly broken the same rules multiple times, over and over.
Why should you be unbanned?

Your account history:


I'd also like to hear what @Deathless_Pepsi has to say, as the banning admin.

Upper Administration Team

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Good afternoon, @Piloten @vojtass10. From my experience so far looking how Pincet does things on our server is quite disagreeable. I've seen dozens of times Pincet getting reported on our server for ramming and interrupting. Since you are getting warned verbally and on panel by staff members, and continue with your own thing while they are nearby and you are totally ignoring them. With that quite large history, i'm assuming that there is no point getting him back online. Neither i can see effort in your appeal. 

However i totally agree with our UAT, there is a rule: §4.3. If you are sharing internet or computer with a friend or relative, notify an Upper Administrator (UAT) about it and get permission.


Sincerely, Deathless_Pepsi

General Administration Team


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You've literally put zero efforts into making your appeal, and your reply.
As shown above, you have an extensive history of rule breaking, even multiple bans for the same reasons.
I see no reason why you should deserve to get more chances from us, when all you seem to do here is cause trouble and constantly break server rules.
However, I'll allow you make another appeal in 6 months.
Hopefully this will give you some time to properly think about how your behavior affects the other players on our server.


Final Verdict:

- You're eligible to make another appeal in 6 months from now (6th of February, 2021).

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