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    As for the plane spawning, I'm sorry but my cousin got access to FiveM, and I had no control over what he was doing. He's never been on the server himself, but I'm assuming he just joined the most recent server on FiveM. The reason I would like to be unbanned (other than having no control over what happened), is that I RP constantly with one of my other friends on the server, usually named "mark." We've never really ran into the instance where we would need to spawn more than 1 plane, so I would never really see a reason as to spawning so many. He did say he was playing with my cousin at the t
  2. S1azz


    In-Game Name: S1azz Date of ban: 03/31/2021 Ban expiration date: permanent Admin who banned you: Deathless Pepsi Platform: FiveM Discord name: S1azz#7850 Why were you banned: spamming planes trying to crash server Why should you be unbanned: I left my house for 2 hours and let my cousin be on my pc, and he went on fivem and apparently he
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