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  1. sorry for the weird color on the text
  2. In-game name: SixPack Mario Date of ban: 11/30/2019 06:39 PM CET Admin who banned you: Coolstream Reason for your ban: Discord profanities after being a literal brainlet, you may appeal this ban if you ever wish to play on the server again. Platform (FiveM/RedM): FiveM Why should you be unbanned: I really want to play on the server again. i think you guys are doing a really good job with the server and i wish to come back to the peace and friendlyness off the server. i do apologise for what i did and wil not come on the server to ram or mess with other players on the server.
  3. to be clear i had never runned over him or the guy at the shop
  4. i was banned a month ago when i was outside semions car store when a blue nissan skyline GTR ruined another guys roleplay at the carstore. the guy that had the roleplay at the store had manny cars displayed and the guy in the GTR rammed the shop many times, when he was done with doing his thing with the gtr, he jumped in a mercedes actros truck and runned over me and the guy in the shop.
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