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     First of all i would like to thank you for this second chance . I really like to be unbanned because all i have done was driving and a random player shoot ,,the president ,, because we were RP ing . Then i was banned and i was extremely angry . I wrote a messange to iLws to tell him that he banned me by mistake ( i think ) . And this was the thing . I really like this server and i would like to play on it because it is the only good server on FiveM . I am very sorry if i did something wrong or if i said something wrong . THANK YOU , SH4ZAM
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    In-game name:SH4ZAM Date of ban:10.29.19 Admin who banned you:iLwS Reason for your ban DMing staff directly about your ban Platform (Freeroam/RP):Freeroam Why should you be unbanned:This is my favourite server and i really like playing it . I am extremely sorry for my bad attitude . Thank you very much
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