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  1. LobanjicaV2


    In-Game Name: VELIKI BRAT Date of ban: 3 6 2020 Ban expiration date: 3 16 2020 Admin who banned you: Stivo Platform: Freeroam server Discord name: Sarma#3949 Why were you banned: it says i rammed someone Why should you be unbanned: i want to get unbanned bcs i never did such a thing and my net is bad and i lag a lot when i am next to car or cars but i play for fun i only drift on that server or drag race and i want evidence that i ramm someone bcs i did not. Evidence:
  2. In-Game name: LobanjicaV2 Discord User: Kinez#3949 Full name of the vehicle/mod Trophy truck Why do you want this mod? its fun URL Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/trophy-truck-monster-energy-livery-decals-use-any-color Does anyone else want this mod? idk Which platform are you requesting the mod for? FiveM Freeroam & Chill Type of mod: Other Is this mod already on the server? I don't know
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