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    In-Game Name: Addi Date of ban: dont remember. Ban expiration date: permanent. Admin who banned you: ilws Platform: FiveM Discord name: Addi#8144 Why were you banned: Hi i was banned by the same reason as jorgen4272. Me and jorgen4272 was just cruisin and havin fun on gamesense when suddenly a friend wanted to join us. This friend named Mathiasb2006 is hacking all the time and he was exploiting on the server messing around throwing snowballs at people and griefing which isnt allowed on gamesense. I really liked playing on this server with my friends could you guys plz unban me? -Addi Why should you be unbanned: I want an unban because i didnt do anything wrong. I have never broken any rules on Gamesense. Evidence:
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