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  1. In-Game Name: matti ratti Date of ban: 07/11/2020 Ban expiration date: 07/25/2020 Admin who banned you: SuReaL Platform: Freeroam server Discord name: mr panini#5551 but in gamesense discord its matti ratti Why were you banned: "you got like 5 warnings yesterday and it just keeps on going, ive seen enough from you take this vacation as a time to relax and think before joining our server. see you!" was the reason but i just got reported 2 times for no reason. i was just chilling and driving by and i thought there was a car meet. I went there and they said "Leave or you will get 2 reports" i was like ok and i left the place. 10 mins later im banned. Why should you be unbanned: Because i really want to play on this server because this is the best freeroam map on FiveM with customizable cars and all of my friends play on this so I want to play on this server too. Evidence: I dont have evidence but i can say that they reported me just to annoy me even though there was no reason.
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